So, it's been about a month, or more than really. And nothing, lol. But I didnt expect much to come off my computer during my first few weeks. To hold yall over until I get something out on Business Affair, here's "a href="Caddy.html">Cadillac Love. Just a short little piece, so check it out.
And to yall who emailed me about the broken links, they will be fixed. I've saved all the web pages from when I moved so I just have to sift through alot of disks, but they will be changed. Thanks for the heads up!



Alright yall

I'm gonna make this quick, kinda, lol. Just finished posting the rest of Power Of Love so go check it out. It was a fun write :oD Now that I'm done with that, I'm on to Business Affair, but since I'm leaving tomorrow for school, I'm not sure when I'm gonna get the immediate time to work on it. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be used to the campus and classes and shit that I can really write with it but until then, there won't be too many quick updates. Ok, I'm done. Yay, I finished Power of Love! Haha. Enjoy yall!



Hey yall!

Welp, put up two more chapters of Power of Love. Go check them out. Thats all for me, 5 more dyas til I'm gone! :oD! Have a good one!



Bad news, guys.
But first, so you dont have to skip over my rant, two new chapters of Power Of Love are up.

Now onto the shit. I just switched computers, and the new one didn't have Word Perfect on it yet so I had to save all of my stories onto disks. Which wasn't too hard, but there was the possibility of me losing some. Anyways, I got some inspiration to work on Business Affair, but when I go to the disk its on, it's not there. Along with the other 40 stories that were on there. Including Tricky and it's sequel. Now I wouldn't be as upset if I hadn't edited Tricky 80 million times after putting it on the site. Now, it's gone. Um, I'm still gonna work off of what I have from emails and stuff, but... I dont know. Shit. I'm just pissed.

Anyways, enjoy the chapters.




It has been a true ass minute. And during those long 60 seconds, lol, I had decided to shut the site down. I didn't have time nor the inspiration to write anymore: I had a man, haha. But then soon after, I realized I missed writing and once time slowed a little bit, I'd start again. That time is now. Unfortunately, I'm going off to school in about two weeks and I have NO idea when I'll have to time to do much, but I will make time. Its been a hectic year, so hopefully, the one to come will be slower.

Alright, now with the update... Sure, there should be an s at the end of that but I couldn't do it. For now, I put up 6 new chapters of Power of Love and soon will be the rest. So enjoy :o)

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