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04/23/05 @ 9:49PM

-Added music to homepage and updated the playlist.

-Updated word search; new word lists, and larger grid.


04/17/05 @ 2:23PM

-Added my Fishing Log '05 to the unlocked list.


04/13/05 @ 11:15PM

-Updated and added a few photos to My Photos


05/11/03 @ 12:35AM

-Added Java Games page


05/04/03 @ 6:07PM

-Added directions to our apartment from Interstate 91


04/09/03 @ 7:19PM

-Updated the Wedding Page


04/07/03 @ 4:26PM

-Added a map to Fireside Inn directions; from exit 20 off of 89 South, to the Fireside Inn


04/06/03 @ 12:06AM

-Added directions to Fireside Inn from Chambersburg, PA


03/13/03 @ 6:33PM

-Added our Gift Registry page


02/25/03 @ 6:04PM

-Added The Wedding page; schedule and hotels included


01/25/03 @ 9:02AM

-Updated Directions page

-Removed 2 pictures from Picture page


01/15/03 @ 11:40PM

-Updated Directions page

-Added 4 new downloads to the Download page

-Added 4 pictures to the Picture page


01/12/03 @ 1:15PM

-Added Picture Page


01/09/03 @ 5:34PM

-Uploaded Nossville tour


01/06/03 @ 3:52PM

-Added Tours section

-Removed directions page

-Removed My Christmas Wish List


12/23/02 @ 10:40PM

-Updated Directions

-Updated My Christmas List

-Updated My Resume


11/11/02 @ 6:23PM

-Updated Christmas list


11/09/02 @ 11:55AM

-Added My Motor City Online page in Links


11/03/02 @ 6:33PM

-Updated Login screen

-Added Links page

-Added Downloads page


11/02/02 @ 10:05AM

-Updated Christmas List


11/02/02 @ 9:19AM

-Rebuilt website

-Added password protection




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