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You're the angelic smiley.

People like you for your kind and friendly personality. You live every day the best you can and don't take it for granted. You are someone that can make someone's day a little better.

What online smily are YOU?!
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Care Bear identities... ( About Care Bears )
My recently discovered (and slightly surprising) Care Bear identity

My recently discovered (10 min. earlier) Dysfunctional Care Bear identity

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

Raver Bear
Raver Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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I could have been:

Bedtime Bear o Birthday Bear o Cheer Bear o Friend Bear o Funshine Bear o Good Luck Bear o Grumpy Bear o Love-a-lot Bear o Tenderheart Bear o Wish Bear

- namely Bondage Bear, Stoner Bear, Nihilist Bear, Tramp Bear, Thug Bear, Aryan Bear, Gay Bear, Hooligan Bear, Redneck Bear, Raver Bear.

Yippee, I am also

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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- and English is not even my first languaage, what do you know.

Mike L. Griebel

Griebel's Mobile Tutor for www or for wap-devices. Quizzes that teach -- make your own, and learn from it! Build up a vocabulary in any language, or memorize any large field that requires rote-learning -- unless you have a photographic memory!!

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This page is about learning by rote, OK?

If you do not happen to have some subject which you would like to know by heart, you probably haven't got a lot to do here. You might want to return some other time. Goodbye for now.

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Personal stuff: Don't go there, it's just boring little me, and my dreams of Tibet, my coat of arms (as if), and some other stuff. It's a mess, really.

The rest of these pages is about rote learning, memorizing, and my tool for this: GMT, Griebel's Mobile Tutor. For further information, click on your language of preference. Here is the ultra-short version

With GMT you can create internet "quizzes", or "tutors", which you can use to teach you various things, e.g. Japanese characters, French language, history/social science, chess, a.o. The list is endless. Quizzes made with GMT are ideal for learning a lot of boring stuff which requires rote-learning. GMT is exceptionally good for this, really, and it's free for your personal use.

Maybe you cannot learn as fast as I can, maybe it's just that I have some special ability in rote-learning, I don't know. Then don't use GMT. Maybe I am in my negative corner today?

Wap-version of GMT

Well, there's also a wap-version of Griebel's Mobile Tutor. A tutor on a hand-held device. The demo teaches U.S. Presidents--who was in the White House when. Note: You will need to download M3Gate, a wmls-enabled wap-simulator, to run my wap-system in your internet browser. You can also preview my WAP site in gelon's wap-simulator, and you can sort of navigate my wap-site that way, but the wap-quiz itself will not work, as gelon's wap-simulator doesn't support wmls. I told you, you need to download M3Gate.

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