aal      all, every, everyone, everything
ab       monkey
af       On top of
aft      After  (in sense of time or sequence)
akt      Back, Backward
al       already
and      Other, Else
arm      arm
av       In, at etc. (temporal use)
baard    beard
baat     bath, bathe
baid     both
bain     almost
ban      Abandon, Throw away, rid of
bat      bat
be       indicates need,necessity
been     Bone   
bees     bite
beer     Bear
bed      Bed, Cot (anything that is slept on)
bek      beak (of animal)
ben      Leg  
berg     Mountain
big      Big, Large, Huge
bii      bee
biig     bend
biit     offer
bil      bill, check
bild     build
bilt     Picture, Photo, Painting, Drawing, Sketch
bind     tie, knot
blaas    Bladder
blaz     blow
blits    emit, flash, etc,.
boos     anger, angry
boox     Forest 
born     born, be born, birth
bot      any floating device intended for transportation
bras     brass
breet    Wide, expanse, expansive
brek     Break, damage
bred     bread
bren     lack, miss, absent
brest    Chest
brid     Bridge
brik     brick
bril     Eyeglasses
brin     Burn, burning, fire, etc.
broo     Eyebrow 
brust    brag
bruul    shout
brux     brush
buk      Book
busk     Bush 
cas      Punish, punishment
cups     Caterpillar
daag     Dew
daaks    badger (animal)
daat     (the) date
dal      Valley  
damf     dampen, extinguish
dank     Thanks
dap      brave
dat      that
dee      about, concerning, regarding
dek      Blanket, Sheet, Tarp, Lid, Cap (any covering)
denk     Think, Thought
derst    thirst, thirsty
diin     serve, servent, service
dind     Mud 
ding     thing
dirt     Dirt
dis      this
disk     Disk, any kind of disk, computer disk, frisbee, etc.
do       indicates obligation
dond     thunder
dood     die, death, dead
dook     Doctor
doot     mean(s), signify (as in 'la Maison' means 'House' in French)
dres     address
drug     Drug, medicine, etc.
druk     print, printed matter, etc.
drunk    drunk (inebriated)
druuk    busy, occupied
duf      Pigeon
dug      Begin, begining, start, etc.
dun      to exhaust, use up energy, deplete
dup      Deep
dust     dust
eem      aim
ees      Ice
eet      eat, food
elb      Elbow
ent      Duck
er       Island
erd      (Planet) Earth    
erl      early
fam      family
far      Father
fast     Fast, rapid
fed      Feather
fel      order, command
fem      woman, female
fen      Fin (of a fish, or a fin-shaped object)
fep      weapon
fi       indicates desire, something wanted or envied
fiil     feel (by touching) 
fiir     Fear
fiits    bike, trike, any non-powered vehicle used for transportation
fil      Many, A lot, much
fin      Finish, end, ending
find     find
fing     Finger
fisk     Fish 
fix      fix, repair
flag     Flag, any kind of sheet not made for covering
flak     Plain 
flaat    platinum
flex     Flesh
fliix    Fly (insect)
flind    butterfly
flud     flood
flus     River 
fol      Full
fon      Phone (Verb, Noun and Adjective/Adverb, device, etc.)
foor     Front, Forward
forl     Trout
fos      Fox  
frem     liberate, free from, deliver one from
frend    Friend
frost    Frost 
frox     Frog
fus      Foot 
gals     Gather, collect, Obtain, Get, etc,.
gam      rubber
gant     Whole, full, entire
gat      Intestines
ged      Goat 
gen      Green (any green)
genst    against
gerk     Cuckoo 
get      Go, Walk, Travel, Work (as in it works)
gil      Gill 
gold     gold
graad    Spine
gras     grass
grax     Grasshopper
grii     agree, consent
gron     Ground, Floor (any surface that supports)
gud      Good
gumx     Gums 
guus     Goose 
haal     Heel
haan     Rooster 
haar     Hair 
haj      Shark 
hals     Neck 
halv     Peninsula 
har      Hare
has      House, Building (any type of shelter)
hav      Have (as in I 'have' the book)
Hee      Hello
heel     hail (weather)
heest    hurry, hurry up, haste
heg      Heron 
hemt     Shirt
hen      Hen
hern     Brain
hest     Horse
hid      secret, hidden
hiil     Heal
him      Sky, Outer Space
hof      Hoof 
hol      wood
horn     Horn 
hosp     Hospital
host     Cough
hot      hot
hum      Lobster  
ie       Yes
in       In
ka       indicates ignorance of
kaant    Side, Flank, Sideways
kalk     lime
kalt     cold
kar      Car, Truck, Conveyance, etc.
karp     carp
kat      Cat (any cat)
kax      mystery, mysteries, the unknown etc.
ke       That (as in 'he said that it was')
keg      meet, meeting
keft     Jaw
kel      Small, Little, Petite, etc.
ken      know someone
kes      Box, Case,  (anything meant to or containing something)
kiip     keep (as in 'keep it')
kiis     Choose, select
kin      Chin
kind     Cheek
klaas    Class (but not as in 'caste')
klag     accuse
klee     clay
klok     Clock, watch (any time-keeping device)
klo      claw
klor     Color
ko       How, in what or that way
kold     Cold  (virus)
kom      Come
komp     Computer
koof     buy
kool     coal, charcoal
koon     rabbit 
koorts   Fever
kop      copper
kraag    Crow 
kraant   newspaper
krab     Crab 
kran     Fruit
kreet    chalk, any chalk-like substance
kros     Across, to cross, crossing
kuk      cook, cooking
kul      Hill, Mountain
kulk     Turkey
kust     coast
kuu      Cow 
kuul     concrete
laid     insult, offend, offence
laks     Salmon 
lam      Lamb 
lan      land, country
lang     long, length
lax      relax, rest
le       indicates a question
leer     leather
leet     late
lef      Leaf, sheet as in 'sheet of paper'
lek      Lake, body of water
len      Lean, incline
lern     Learn, learning
lerv     Lion 
les      Read, reading, something read, etc
lev      Liver 
lif      Life, live, living, alive
lift     lift, raise, increase, augment
lin      Lightning  
lip      lip
list     list, set of data, file
lit      Light  (Noun, Bright, to shine,  etc.)
lof      Love
loi      alloy
long     Along
lood     lead
loop     Flea
loov     believe, belief, creed
lor      lower, bring down, decrement
luft     air
lung     Lung
lus      Louse 
luuz     loose, lost
maag     Stomach
maan     Moon 
maar     Ocean
maat     Might, power, strength
mak      Mackerel 
map      map, chart, atlas
marm     marble
mat      Matter (physical)
me       But, Yet, However
med      With 
mer      Mother
merg     mercury (the metal)
merk     Dark, Darken, (Shade of color, etc.)
met      metal
mi       indicates emphatic mood
mid      middle, center
mig      Gnat 
min      midnight
mir      ant 
mool     Mole 
moov     Seagull 
morn     morning
mot      Moth 
mov      Move, S. T., movement
mul      mul
mus      Mouse
mux      Music 
muz      amuse
na       No (comes after word or clause it modifies)
naa      knee
naam     Name, Be named, To name or call
naast    beside, next to, flanking, etc.
nat      nature
ne       indicates uncertainty, doubt
neel     fingernail, toenail
ner      Narrow, thin
nerj     Energy
ners     Nurse
nerv     nerve
nev      Never, not ever
ni       indicates intention
niir     Near
nir      Kidney
nord     north
nu       indicates an opposite
nuun     noon
ol       Eel 
oog      Eye, see 
oop      open (as in open your eyes, or open the door)
oor      Ear, hear    
oos      Ox 
or       Or
orm      worm 
ost      east
ov       Over, above
palm     Palm tree
pan      Forehead
pap      Paper or any thing used to write on
pe       indicates permission
peen     Hurt, pain
pels     Fur 
plaag    annoy
Plas     Place, location
plen     Plane, Helicopter, etc.
plif     stay, remain
pliz     Please
po       indicates possibility, ability
poot     Paw 
port     carry, bring
pre      pray, prayer
proot    Parrot 
rad      Radio (the device, the medium, the wave, etc.)
ram      Window
rap      Partridge
red      Red (any shade or tint)
reen     Rain
reest    arrest 
rekt     Right, correct
rend     Eagle
renj     arrange 
res      king, monarch, ruler
rib      rib
rig      Back
rist     wrist
rit      Write, inscribe, writing, inscription, etc
ro       indicates in order to
rong     Wrong, incorrect
rum      Room (as in bedroom not as in space)
saar     answer 
sand     Sand
se       indicates urgency
seel     animate, animation
seez     Sole (fish)
sef      Self
sel      sell, sale
sem      Always, forever
sen      dog (any dog)
sens     Spirit
shuu     Shoe
sid      South
siil     Seal
sik      Sick, ill, sickness, disease
silv     silver
sit      Sit
sits     own, possesion
skaal    beetle
skel     Scale (as on a fish or reptile)
skin     skin
skren    any display device
skuld    shoulder
slaan    beat, strike, hit, knock, etc
slak     Snail 
slang    Snake 
slis     close (as in 'close the door')
sloo     Slow
slug     bullet, projectile
sment    cement
snee     Snow
snuuk    Pike  
son      Son
sool     sole (of foot or shoe)
soond    Health, healthy, etc.
soor     apologize
sparv    Sparrow
spek     Speak, Talk, Speech, Language, Converse, Conversation
spiir    Muscle   
spind    Spider
star     Shore
ster     Star
stet     to stand, stand, standing, etc.
stiil    steel
stik     stik, pole, rod
stoon    Stone, Rock, Pebble
stork    Stork 
storm    storm
strand   beach
stron    Oyster 
stroom   current  (ocean)
stroop   thigh
stud     Study
stul     Chair, Stool, Bench (any kind of seat)
suu      Under
taar     Tear
tak      Day, Daytime
tam      Time
tant     tooth
taar     tar, asphalt
tar      to tire, be tired, tiring
tec      Teach, teaching, etc.
teel     Tail
tem      Breath/e
test     Test
tev      Television (the device, the medium, etc.)
tin      tin
tix      Table
too      Toe
torsk    Cod 
tren     Train
trink    drink, a drink
trug     trick, deceive, deception
trut     Truth
tud      Toad 
tum      Thumb
tur      bull
tus      between
tuu      Towards
us       from out of
uug      Owl 
uur      hour, time of day
va       what
vaal     whale 
vad      Calf
van      Shrink, decrease
vant     Wall
varm     warm
varn     warn
vart     Wait
vax      Grow, increase
velk     Welcome
ve       why/because
veer     Weather
veet     Law
velt     world
ven      If
verk     To work, Working, Job
ves      weasel 
vesp     wasp
vest     West
vi       Who
vid      Empty, void, etc
vii      by means of, using (comes after word)
viid     again
vik      bay
ving     wing (bird, plane, etc.)
vint     wind
vo       where
volf     wolf 
von      from
vond     admire 
voond    wound
voon     inhabit, live in
vord     become (can also be used render intransitive mood)
vort     word
xaad     Shade, shadow
xaaf     Sheep
xaam     Foam
xanj     to change (something, one, etc)
xe       past mood, the past
xeek     shake, tremble
xer      Seek, search, look for
xo       indicates enjoyment
xol      Swallow (bird)
xu       indicates what someone should do
zaart    black
ze       indicates intensification
zee      Sea
zel      Donkey
zer      iron
zix      Face 
zon      Sun
zond     without
zorp     absorb
zuk      Visit

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