Some texts in mul

daar is man vi voon in kel gen has af berg de berg naam gen man berg ve de man vi voon in dat has is gen. e hav frend vi voon in de blu dal in blu has e hav and frend vi voon af de vit flak in vit has. e hav bot ve he voon niir de zee de bot is big en gel er is in mid lek ix get ni de er e bot vii ix plif ni hiir de gant nakt de maan is fol ne dis nakt Literal Translation: There is man who lives in small green dwelling on (a) mountain the mountain (is) named green man mountain why/wherefore/because the man who lives in dwelling is green he has (a) friend who lives in the blue valley in (a) blue dwelling he has another friend who lives at white plain in white dwelling he has boat because he lives near the sea/big body of water the boat is big and yellow (an) island is in mid-lake we go-intend to the island he-boat-by means of/via we stay-intend here the all/entire night the moon is full-uncertain this night Regular Translation: There is a man who lives in a small green house on a mountain. the mountain is called green man mountain because the man who lives in that house is green. he has a friend who lives in the blue valley in a blue house. he has a friend who lives on the white plain in a white house. he has a boat because he lives near the sea. the boat is big and yellow. there is an island in the middle of the lake. we plan to go to the island on his boat. we are going to stay here for the entire night. the moon seems full tonight.

I am aware that the text has a highly dutch flavor with a smattering of German and English, but remember mul is primarily based on germanic languages, because some of them have a large choice of 1 syllable words or words which can be changed to be so.

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