Mike Hulsebus: Fall Photo Album 1
Fall Album 1
Why yes, this is ugly carpeting.  I was talking to a good friend of mine on the phone when I was struck by the sheer uglyness of it and had to take a picture.  Looks like some weird sort of flaming-leaf bomb.
Workin' on a short story
Kristin turned 19 the other day so we headed on over to Applebee's.
This is some graffiti by the MLB (Modern Language Building).  Whoever made it keeps adding to it.  Last week we went by and it was only the blue and yellow bricks
The "Books & ...."  store has a whole lotta "vintage items"
This is Lauren. Everyone say hi to Lauren.  No, she doesn't work for Verison Wireless.  Anyhow, she told me I should make a whole Lauren page on here.  I don't have enough pictures though for that (Lauren you gotta stop by more often) so this'll have to do. Heh heh, you can see me taking the picture in the shadow.