Thanksgiving Break 2003 and some other misc photos
Misc Photos and Thanksgiving Break
This album has a lot of pictures folks, give it time.  If you run into problems right click on a picture and hit "show picture" or just try refreshing the page.
If you haven't figured it out by now, I take pictures of weird things
Ah yes, the Frieze building: a wonder of 1970's Mike Brady architechture
This poor child was on Reading Rainbow the other day as I channel surfed by.  Check out those glasses.  Why a mother on the day of her child's TV debut opted for the beige shirt over the light yellow turtleneck and pendant, I do not know.  Can you say Grranimals? In case you were wondering though, Frog and Toad are Friends was given rave reviews, but you don't have to take my word for it.
State Street lined with people waiting to go home for Thanksgiving
Speaking of State Street, they stuck this banner and some other reindeer ones across State Street in mid November.  I seem to be one of the few people that thinks thats too early.
West Quad as seen reflected in the hood of the car that took me home
One of the common views during my Thanksgiving break--riding in a car.  I've been across this state so many times I know it like the palm of my hand (heh heh, lame joke).  If my estimates are right, I spent around thirteen hours in a car over break
I still think the oven mitt is a cool mascot.
The four of us at the Frederik Meijer Gardens (link goes to the garden's homepage)
One of the coolest scuptures in the park
My camera as seen refected in an ornament of one of the Christmas trees from around the world exhibit.  This particular tree happens to be the Meijer Garden's take on an American Christmas tree.  I've got to wonder, however, if anyone really ever strung popcorn to hang on their tree.
Yet another cool sculpture
The above two pictures are from the same menu at Rainbow Grill.  Yes, they sell both French and American fries.  One'll cost you a dime more.  Figure that one out.