this is the title page! this is a web page put up and very occasionally maintained by a bored australian teenager. i have too much time on my hands and so when i can be arsed, ill open up all this stuff and give it a whirl. mainly, i use this to put up amusing and disgusting pictures that i want to show my friends. u can look around if u want, but honestly, ud have more fun playing with urself. i guarentee!

disclaimer: some pics here are extremely disgusting, those that are, are shown purely for amusement, i get no sexual arousement from these pics.

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if u wish to compliment, comment or complain, then deal with it, coz i ain't giving u my email!
ps. i reserve the right to respond to ur letter with obscene amounts of abuse and ridicule. if i really do/dont like u, u might even get a pic or 2 that i havent bothered to put up.