Mikel Erentxun  BIOGRAPHY                                      


Febrero 1965

On February the 23th ,1965 one of the most important composers of modern Spanish music was born in Caracas ( Venezuela ), Mikel Erentxun Acosta.

Although having grown up in San Sebastian (Spain) he spent his first year of live in Venezuela’s capital as his parents travelled to Caracas to work in a company in charged of one of the main motorways in South America


Back in San Sebastian , they settled in the neighbourhood of Amara where Mikel spent is childhood and adolescence
At the age of 5 he hit his tooth playing on a swing, chipping his top incisor leaving the mark that has characterised his image

1978. -  

At the age of thirteen he formed his first band with friend Luis Fuentes, “Hillbily Cats” winning first price in a local competition

Later on came some other bands such as “Los Aristogatos” whom had the opportunity to record a song (Visita al Hospital) included in the Vasc bands compilation album “Guipukkoa Star 82”.After two years with “Los Aristogatos” he undertook new projects


At first was “Dekatlon” where the influence from British bands like Spandau Ballet or Duran Duran was clear. After the short period of “Dekatlon” Mikel faced one of the most unknown stages of his life when he enrolled himself as singer and guitar player in a symphonic band. Mikel declared later on that in that time he proposed to name the band “Duncan Dhu”, fortunately it was not accepted.


Mikel starts his Architecture Degree in the Architecture Scholl of San Sebastian. It was about that time when the bass player from a band called “Los Dalton” caught his eye in a band’s performance and thanks to his sister, which put them two in contact, Mikel met Diego Vasallo.


Once together they needed a drummer so after a few trials they incorporated Juanra Viles. That was August the 4th 1984 and a fundamental band in Spanish pop history was just born: DUNCAN DHU.

August 4, 1984  

Born the main  band in the history of the pop Spanish: Duncan Dhu.

1990 The cinema is another one of its great likings, play like actor with the one of the main actors of movie EL ANONIMO , ( Alfonso Arandia). Mikel who  also was  in charge to compose the sound track of this moviea. But late it would work in  VAYA PAPELON and CARRETERA Y MANTA , next to actors suchs as Carmen Maura and Eduardo Noriega. 

1992 , Mikel published his first CD  in solitaire to the margin of Duncan Dhu, NAUFRAGIOS, made up of a pile of good parked songs of projects of Duncan Dhu.with  the one that had a good welcome on the part of I publish. 

Special mention to the concert that he gave in the Faults of Valencia in a gratuitous festival before near 200,000 people. 

In this year he would take deserved vacations to contract marriage with Anne, the chosen day,  October.26 The news even had repercussion in means of the heart. Just a short time later his first son would be born, Aitor and in the summer of 1999 his daughter. 

1995. Later discs like EL ABRAZO DEL ERIZOl (1995), a electrical disc and with more direct letters, 

1997 ACROBATAS disc in which  approached more electronic rates without never moving away of the pop one. 

Enter his last disc:, TE DEJAS VER, after to have removed to months back a recordo with Duncan Dhu with a remarkable success (than 350,000 discs sold more in Spain), returned to seat in the recording studio to give to the light the more " duncaniano " disc of  his race. Plenty of good songs, refrains and a thing that distinguishes him  of the previous ones,optimistic letters 

2001 Return of  Duncan Dhu , Mikel Erentxun together to  Diego Vasallo stard the record of their last CD called Crepusculo  .The luxury edition selled in Spain with 2 CD the first one with 16 songs and the second Cd called CRUDITES with 5 songs

2002  Mikel have participation in albums of Christian Meier, Volumen Cero  and Hombres G. He start the records of his next album.

2003 Launching of Mañana single that open the step of his next album


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