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Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004
Hello!  Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please watch your step and keep your hands and arms inside this website at all times.  Por favor mantegase alejado de las puertas!  I am a travel agent and LOVE Disney, especially visiting the theme parks.  I've been to all four Disney theme parks around the world - Orlando, Anaheim, Paris and Tokyo.  I hope to visit Hong Kong Disneyland someday.
I love to travel to new places around the world as long as there are first class hotels and McDonald's nearby!
My parents live close to me, as do my brother and his family and my sister and her family, closer still. I also have a parrot and a kitty cat named Julie.  I have friends all over the world.  Seattle, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, etc ...

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My good friend Brian had this on his webpage and he graceously permitted me to use the following format.  Thanks Bri!
Age:                                           41
DOB:                                          May 26, 1967 (Gemini)
Height:                                       5'9"
Eye color:                                  Hazel
Hair:                                           Medium Blonde with some gray
Weight:                                      190 lbs
Waist:                                        36 inches
Shoe Size:                                 9.5
Race:                                         Caucasian
Place of Birth:                           Lima, Peru
Religion:                                    Jewish
Occupation:                               Travel Agent
Status:                                        Single
Favorite Relative:                      My cousin Sonia

What car do you drive:             Toyota Camry Hybrid
Favorite TV show:                     Big Bang Theory & The        ..................................................... Amazing Race
Mousepad color:                       White with a blue logo
A/C or Open Windows:            A/C
Favorite Board Game:             Trivial Pursuit/Monopoly
Favorite Drink (alcohol):          Malibu Rum
Favorite Drink (virgin):              Banana Daiquiri
Favorite Cigarettes:                  Don't Smoke
Favorite Song:                           ?
Favorite Type or Music:            Disney Soundtracks
Favorite Scent:                           The ocean breeze on a cruise.
Worst feeling in the world:      Getting caught in a lie.
Biggest Fear:                             Losing my parents
Best feeling in the world:         Helping someone
Best  weekend activity:             Travelling
Favorite Soundtrack:                 Mary Poppins
Favorite Author:                          Michael Crichton
A person I want to meet:          Roy Disney
Dream Occupation:                   Disney Executive
What do you wear to bed?:      Sweat pants and a t-shirt
Favorite Movie:                            History of the World Part I
Favorite Number:                       26