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A Balloon Clown limits the time guests explore an event. 

Mylar balloon's are great decoration.

Latex Alert
Our concern is for the people who may not be aware of the dangers involving latex products especially latex balloons. Of all children’s products, balloons are the leading cause of suffocation death, according to Consumer Product Safety Commission of America(CPSC) injury data. Since 1973, more than 110 children have died as a result of suffocation involving uninflated balloons or pieces of balloons. Most of the victims were under six years of age, but the CPSC does know of several older children who have suffocated on balloons. There are many  serious injuries that did not result in death. The CPSC recommends that parents and guardians do not allow children under the age of eight to play with uninflated balloons without supervision. If the balloon breaks, however, CPSC recommends that parents immediately collect the pieces of the broken balloon and dispose of them out of the reach of young children. Many  Canadian Hospitals have a “No Latex Balloon” policy.
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Ernie Everlost before he shaved. 
Ernie EverLosT
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No  Latex Balloon's
Walk about FUN!
Mikel Renout is a former member of "Toronto Clown Alley" and now a member of  "Clown's Canada".

Bio below :

Sad Clown News.........
Balloon Clown's are limited in        entertaining
large groups of people.

Good Clown News...
A Theatre Clown will usher people    along walkways, entertain for
Cue - lines or staged shows.
Ernie Everlost  $175.00 / hour
Director/ Teacher: Mikel O. Renout began his career as a Street Mime in Vancouver while the city hosted "Expo 86".   In 1987, Mikel worked for the "Famous People Players Theatre Company" Toronto, properties and puppet construction.  In 1989, Mikel began his long-time association with Harbourfront Corporation Toronto,  "School by the Water" under the direction of June Corradetti. Mikel was to teach "Juggling Workshops" throughout the week to children at the "Milk International Children's Festival".  The weekends were for the "Mime Circus" workshop 1989, "Oasis Mime" workshop 1990.  Mikel has been a yearly Busker at Harbourfront and again this year was an active performer in  "Five-minute Marvels" at the "Milk International Children's Festival"2002, Director Michael Tait.  Mikel Renout has been an active participant in many charitable events throughout Toronto. Business Associations, Trade Shows, Conventions and Charities. "Just for Laughs Festival", Directors Derek Scott, Steve La Frenie. "Morons in Motion" Ardyth Johnson. Scarborough Symphony presents "Babar" with Hunter Gates, Steve La Frennie.  International Association of Chief of Police.  Sony Canada.  Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Mikel Renout is a Graduate of "
School of Physical Theatre" 1997. Director: Ron East, Noam Marcus, and Paula - Jane Moore.
Hunter Gates Academy of Physical Theatre" 1999, Director Hunter Gates, Steve Wilshire, Dr. Kara Wooten. Private lessons with Carmen Orlandis. The Toronto Jugglers Club. Mikel has taught classes throughout Ontario and most recently at "Ontario Science Centre" Circus workshop.  Gordon Ridge Community Centre, Milk International Children's Festival, and  "Art Starts", Toronto Clown Alley. "Friendly Spike Theatre". and many workshops.