If I Had Wings

Thirteen year old Alex Coughlin, as he sleeps, dreams of flying and, when awake, dreams of running on the school's Cross Country Team.  Both dreams seems equally impossible as Alex is blind.  Across town, schoolmate Brad Coleman has no time for dreams, too busy running from the police and his criminal past he is in and out of probation officer Geoff Coughlin's office.  Alex's father has the inspiration of teaming his son and Brad together.  Now, all Alex has to do is overcome the opposition of his Coach, team-mates, his over-protective mother and Brad, himself, to take his run at the County Championship.

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What if the best known entertainer of the 20th century did not die on August 16, 1977?  What happens to Elvis Presley as he stumbles through the 70's and 80's growing more despondent and fat as he abuses his body and his music?  Humiliated in front of a world-wide audience at Live Aid in 1985 he flees to a horse ranch in Gracefall's Colorado where he tries to start over under an assumed name.  But something wonderful happens in that small town as the exiled King of Rock and Roll rediscovers friendship, love and his music.  You can't keep a good legend down.
East of Mourning

"Sex, Drugs, Booze, Rock and Roll, Suicide, Murder and

    Brian, stuck in his hometown of Mourning, Ontario, slipping down the wrong side of thirty, can never win.  Not as a hockey player or a coach.  Not at his career.  Not at anything.
     Then he meets Kyle Clark, a hockey prodigy, who joins his team.  And life in Mourning begins to change.  Kyle is good at everything.  He can't lose.
     As they grow closer and their lives entwine, Brian hopes that some of Kyle's magic will rub off on him.
     But tragedy follows Kyle around, threatening to ruin the best laid plans.  This time, however, Brian is not going to stand to the side and watch his dreams melt away.
The Jacobs