Day 1

We arrived in Montana in the early afternoon thanks to the wonder of time zones.  While driving up to the outskirts of Glacier National Park, we saw some sort of large hoofed creature in the woods, about 20 stands selling huckleberries and huckleberry products, and about 10 stores with teepees out front for atmosphere.

We also saw Sinclair gas stations, much to Maddie's delight.  We weren't aware that they were still in business.  Still one the all-time best logos for appropriateness and coolness.
August 23-29, 2002

Mike's work took us to Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park.
West Glacier

We checked into the Glacier Highland Hotel (or resort or something-- really just a motel).  Quiet, convenient, nothing special.  We tried to get Maddie to nap, since we'd gotten up at 5:30 EDT, but it was not to be, so we just relaxed and listened to the flying crickets/grasshoppers who clicked while they flew.  Quite a skill, and one that I'm glad the eastern insects haven't learned.
Glacier National Park

Driving into the park from the southwest, the first thing you hit is Lake McDonald (above).  It's a pretty place. The picture is a panoramic, so you're seeing a great deal of the vista.  To get the actual feeling, get your face very close to the monitor and then bend the monitor around your head.

We threw rocks, then drove the length of the lake and beyond, along McDonald Creek, stopping for a short walk along the Trail Of The Cedars (not all that amazing on the portion we did) and at creek overlooks including McDonald Falls (at right).
Grabbed dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then Louise's brother Guy, who has been driving through the western US this month, joined us for an initial foray into Glacier.
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