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Thursday, March 23rd (all times shown eastern)
6:00 AM The Birth of Maddie (1997)
An often-ribald account of Maddie's birth, from water breaking to suction delivery. Mike Megargee, Maddie Megargee, The Cast of Alien. PG 4 m
6:05 AM Marty's Surgery (1998)
Grotesque view of a surgical procedure. Mike Megargee, Louise Megargee. R 8 m.
6:25 AM The Three Little Pigs(1999)
Low-budget treatment of the familiar yarn. Maddie Megargee, Mike Megargee, Augie Megargee. G 3 m.
6:30 AM Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1999)
Girl exploits woodland creatures. Maddie Megargee, Mike Megargee, Louise Megargee, Augie Megargee. G 3 m.
6:35 AM Adonis (1999)
Vain youth contemplates his fate. Maddie Megargee. R 1 m.
6:40 AM The Fox and the Grapes (1999)
A fox must make a wrenching decision. Maddie Megargee. R 1 m.
6:45 AM 12 Angry Men (1999)
Surly juror disrupts legal process. Maddie Megargee. PG 1 m.
6:55 AM Bill's Wedding (2000)
Wealthy groom is roasted in this send-up of his bizarre dating theories. Jay Minnix, Mike Megargee, Louise Megargee, Mary Minnix, Susan Bonnie, Keith Bonney. First longer-form movie by Megargee Productions. PG 15 m.
7:15 AM I Want My Maddie! (2000)
Bear strives to be reunited with child. Big Bear, Peace Bear, Maddie Megargee. G 1 m.
7:20 AM Little Red Riding Hood (2000)
Wolf eats, spews old woman. Maddie Megargee, Mike Megargee. PG-13 4 m.
7:20 AM Hair Train(2000)
Music Video. R 2 m.
7:20 AM The Making of Hair Train (2000)
The writing of the song and production of the video. Maddie Megargee, Mike Megargee. R 4 m.
7:20 AM The Rexorcist(2001)
Child's identity is consumed by Halloween Costume. PG 7 m.
7:20 AM Snow(2000)
Music Video. G 2 m.
7:20 AM Rich & Mary Anniversary Video(2000)
Documentary. G 20 m.

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