We went to Wildwood NJ and Philadelphia the weekend of April 12th, 2003.  Here's what we saw and what we did.
Day One: Saturday

We shoved off from Arlington around 9am.  Around 11:30 we were outside Wilmington, DE, dining at the Charcoal Pit.  They have a delicious burger.  Louise overloaded hers-- Maddie and I stuck with simple structures that let the charbroiled burger taste shine through.  Wonderful!

We continued on through the Southern New Jersey countryside to Wildwood, NJ, a beach resort dominated by mid-century "space-age" designed motels.  Overcast conditions had us worried, but by the time we arrived (around 2:30) the clouds were moving out and a brilliantly clear 3-day weekend had begun.
The Wildwood boardwalk was vintage Jersey boardwalk, with about 5 million pizza joints and crappy souvenir stores.  But we were very surprised to see that Morey's Piers, an amusement park jutting out to sea (actually 3 amusement parks, only one of which was open) was a beautiful, very nicely thought-out attraction.

We got some cotton candy, then Maddie and I rode the teacups, and Maddie rode an airplane ride and the gorgeous 2-story carousel.  I had to choose between getting a good shot of Maddie on the upper deck or of the carousel-- we've got plenty of Maddie.

Dinner was at the Vegas Diner-- neither Vegasy nor a diner.  Tasty enough food, though.

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On to Wildwood!
On to Wildwood!