Since you have come to this page, you are probably looking for

my book, "Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups." It is no

longer here, but it is several places on the internet. The

version I think is best for downloading and which is searchable

and indexed to the chapters has been put on the on-line

magazine, "Multiracial Activist", by James Landrith at

Here is a citation to my own posting:

Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups

Full-text on-line book with annotated bibliography. Description and history

of the Melungeons and other mixed race groups in the eastern United States.

By Mike Nassau, 1994, badly dated, pre-Kennedy.

This version has more photos than the others.


Beware in using this book. Much has been found out since it was written.

It is useful for it's bibliography and as an introduction to the older literature,

but be sure you look at the more recent literature as well.

Here is my more recent description:
What Is A Melungeon?


Mike Nassau

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Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups (Mike Nassau, 1994) My version.

Melungeons and Other Mestee Groups (Mike Nassau, 1994) Multiracial Activist version.

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