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This page is dedicated to reviewing one of my favourite animations 3x3 Eyes. This animation from Japan was released in the late 1990's and the ongoing comic is currently available in specialty comic-shops.

Ever get to thinking about the mystery of the deserts? It is from here that we find the mysteries of our self are revealed. One of natures most challenging terrains, encroaching always on the security of our oasis style cities.

Well, this was not enough for Yuzo Takada from Japan. In the world of 3x3 Eyes the world is not enough, as he takes us into other dimensions hidden in the desert wastelands of Asia. Natures perils are not enough as demon serpents and triclops clash for the power over mortality.

And I am glad, because it gives us alternative viewing to conflicts in the world and the problems of environmental derogation.

It is available on video as an animation, dubbed into English. The Manga / Comic is also translated into English. Also available are soundtrack CD's.

I hope to bring you some more pictures of the main characters (Yakumo and Pai) in coming weeks. Also I will attempt to get some audio samples. As the winner of Nintendo Magazines 3x3 Eyes video competition, I may be able to source you some animation clips (or you could save yourselves the wait and go and check out the video from your local store).

....So pop back from time to time and I hope you will enjoy my presentation on Yuzo Takada's 3x3 Eyes.

Update!-New pages available 5 years after this site first published

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