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Announcements & Events:

Pharmacy Welcome Back Party : Thursday, August 31st @ THE BLUE MIRAGE!
Click here to download flyer for directions!

UnOfficial P1 Drug List is provided by fellow classmate Stephen Fey. Contains useful information on drugs to learn for your own personal intellectual enjoyment. Click here to download the Drug List!

October 10, 2005 Posted by Mike

Calendar of Events

Event 1 :

Welcome Back Party THURSDAY, AUG. 31st @ THE BLUE MIRAGE:: 277-283 Main Street(SE corner of Main & Goodell ::OPEN BAR WELL DRINKS:: 9-11 ::COVER::15 ::MUST BE 21 & OVER::


Event 2 :

Halfway Dance! February 10th at the Statler Towers!


We will be setting up Half Way Dance Committees to lead a few initiatives throughout the P2 year.

Fundraising Committee

they will help fundraise for the dance

Decorations Committee

they will be responsible for decorating

July 18, 2006 Posted by Alina

Class Officers

Here is the team that is representing you this year.

Hi !

President : AJ Stauber [astauber@buffalo.edu]

Vice President : Amy Davis[acdavis2@buffalo.edu]

Treasurer : Alina Eisen[aeisen2@buffalo.edu]

Course Curriculum : Lisa Nichols [ln22@buffalo.edu]

July 18, 2006 Posted by Alina

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