Clarenville & Shoal Harbour Railroad

  In 1999, I began what is known today as my favorite hobby - model railroading.  The Clarenville & Shoal Harbour Railroad (C&SH) will be based on four sections along CN's former Mainline and Bonavista Branch in the Clarenville area, set in the early 1980's.  To be featured in the layout will be the Clarenville Station and Yard area, the Bonavista Branch Junction, the Shoal Harbour River Trestle and the Balbo Drive Crossing. This HO scale model railroad is still in its developing stages, currently involved in the collection, research and design phases.  Once I have a permanent space to store the layout, construction will begin.

  The train roster will include 4 NF210 locomotives, 2 G8 locomotives, 14 box cars, 1 reefer, 2 stock cars, 2 longitudinal hoppers, 1 covered hopper, 2 gondolas, 11 flat cars, 4 TerraTransport containers, 3 tank cars, 2 passenger coaches, and 3 cabooses.

  In the future, I will store photos of the layout here.  In the meantime, click here for a diagram of my layout in pdf format.