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 Project Maximum Boost is complete!

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Parts,  Sources, Prices

Parts  List


Cost ($CDN  incl. taxes, duty, and shipping)

   Turbocharger (type = Mitsu 16G)
  Boost Gauge
  Air/Fuel ratio indicator (LED)
  3" catalytic converter, all piping, muffler
  Intercooler (air/air from T-Bird)
  Oil, coolant lines
  Fuel pressure riser (Vortech FMU), 3" Muffler
  Walbro 190LPH fuel pump
  Blow-off valve (used Volvo unit)
  Feramic (metallic facing clutch)


   Atmosphere Performance
  Canadian Tire
  Active Surplus
  Canadian Tire, Summit
  Summit Racing
  Ron Gregory,
  Local Mechanic
  Ottawa Clutch



N.B.: I cannot begin to put a dollar figure on the countless hours I have  spent under my car. Neither can  I quantify the pain and suffering I have endured in the  form of frustration, cuts and scrapes(see below)!


Installation Anarchy!

Design Notes

One of the  biggest constraints in a turbo project is time -- the time it takes to get the  parts, the  time it takes to install everything, and the amount of downtime for your vehicle. It is  therefore important to order and prioritise all your activities so that no one step is   holding up the entire installation.

For  my installation I had the following strategy...

An additional item that I added later was the  installation of a new clutch. It is important that the new clutch be installed  before the  turbo piping. There's enough labour involved in changing a clutch without the complication  of a turbocharger.

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Installation  Page   (Very graphics intensive!)


The  Story of My Installation

January 29, 1999: Decided to go forced induction. Began researching.
April 25, 1999: Ordered Mitsubishi TD05-16G turbocharger from Atmosphere Performance.
April 25-July 17, 1999:
-- Countless trips to Canadian Tire for fittings, bolts, tools
-- Countless hours on my back figuring out how to route the turbo piping
-- Installed the FMU.
-- Rotated the compressor housing on the turbo. Mounted the wastegate.
-- Installed the boost gauge.
-- Installed the Walbro in-tank fuel pump.
-- Made fittings for the oil lines.
-- Make the turbo and compressor outlet flange and pipe
-- Tapped the oil pan and attached the oil drain fitting
-- Mounted the turbo in the car with the oil, and coolant lines hooked up. Also mounted  the intercooler.
-- Made the exhaust flange on the turbo. I took two standard flanges, cut them,  welded  them together, then belt sanded them true.
-- Visited at least four muffler and performance shops to have my piping fabricated. All  refused to take on the project.
-- Ordered lots of piping and  tools from J.C.Whitney to cut and fit the piping together  myself, tack welding everything together at first, then getting the muffler shop down the  street MIG weld the rest.
July 21, 1999: Started making the turbo downpipe
August 9, 1999: 3 all-nighters, and a half-dozen trips to the muffler shop, and the  piping is complete and fully installed.
August 10-August 12, 1999: Engine fires, broken flanges, and burning oil -- some of  the problems I've been having.
August 13, 1999: For once, the turbo seems to be working well. My copper sheet  heat  shielding is working very well. Power delivery is good, and everything seems okay.
August 28, 1999: My O2 sensor voltage readings indicate that the engine is running lean,  but that's  impossible. I should be running very rich based on the way I have the FMU  hooked up, and the lousy fuel economy I am getting. It is difficult to get more than  24m.p.g.
. I bought a new 4-wire O2 sensor and will install it soon.
August 31, 1999: New O2 sensor is installed (Niehoff FE872). Preliminary tests show  that the A/F ratio is okay.


Contributors that made this project possible:

  Atmosphere Performance(Atlanta,   Georgia)
  Active Surplus (Toronto, Ontario)
  J.C. Whitney (U.S.)
  Ottawa Clutch (Ottawa, Ontario)
  Summit Racing (U.S.)
  Canadian Tire (Canada)
  Home Depot (Canada)
  David Vahman
  Dan Dunhem
  Stephen Kuenzli
  Ross Lapkoff
  Mike Palmer
  Brian Berryhill
  The Probe Performance List
  Dan Tomchyshyn (Dept. of Chem. Eng, University of Toronto)


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August 13, 1999


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