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hi, graphic lovers. i know, i've been very lazy lately, i haven't update this beautiful site in like about 4 months at least!! and the old layout is kinda boring too. well, i'm glad u r back. coz i have to admit that i'm better at HTML now and everything. u'll see what i mean on the next page. my new layout is super duper cute!!!!!! and i think it's the most successful one i've made so far. please don't steal any of my own site graphic (the lil sakura thingy), i want this layout to be a special, and uni que. in the future, you'll find some of the following features:
+layouts (i can't work on this page now, i have too many layouts to work on for myself!)
+fonts (i'm totally font addicted now, i just have to share some of my favorite fonts with u!)
+more backgrounds (a LOT more! but this might take me a while)
+stationary scans (you guys will really really love this one!!! stationary scans are pictures of REALLY cute people scanned by people. at least over 30 pix will be added!
+wallpapers (maybe, coz they take up too much space. but i'll try to provide some linx for u to go see!)
+add-ur-link (this is the oldest site i have, and i get over 1000 hits since valentine's day, i know it's not a lot for some people, but it's my best site yet, so i'm gonna put a add-ur-link thingy on here for you to add ur link and get more hits!)
+custom layout (if u want me to make a SUPER cute layout just for u, like the one i currently have right now, you can either pay me $3 or sign up with bravenet.com from my site 3 times. i know u'll choose the sign up with bravenet for three times, coz it's free.)(i'm not that good at it yet, so i don't charge a lot, but most of the time, u have to pay over 10 dollars to just get a layout, and 50 dollars for a whole web site.)
+other custom graphix (learn how to get free custom animated buttons, backgrounds, banners and wallpapers!)

more pages will be updated, and this time, i'll make sure to return your mails in time! PWWWEEEEZZZZ come back soon!!! also go to my new domain marylu.org, which is still under construction at this time.
so what IS up with mary??? well, i'm still working on my sites, yeah. i've got a really cute layout on my personal site. go to my blog and u'll see more news, i blog almost everyday!  http://mary_lu.blogspot.com