Please Save My Earth begins with Alice once again meeting Rin on her way home from school. Rin, as usual, is rude to her. This makes Alice very upset. The next day Rin's parents ask Alice to babysit Rin. Although she doesn't want to, she agrees. Alice takes Rin to the zoo, where they meet Jinpachi and Issei. Jinpachi insists that Alice sit down and let them explain the converstion she overheard him having with Issei. She agrees. Jinpachi explains that he is not gay and tells Alice that their converstion was about a dream he and Issei had been having about these scients who were working on the moon. He explains that in his dream his name is Gyokuran and Issei is Enju. He says that they were lovers. He tells Alice about the other scientist: Shion, the engineer; Shukaido, the doctor; Hiiragi, the team leader;

make modifications to Tokyo Tower, the large Eiffel Tower like construct in Tokyo. So he began threateing the son of one of the head planners of the Tokyo Tower renovations, Takashi.  Rin had Takashi's gang beat up Jinpachi and Issei, so he could see their powers. Rin also decided that he wanted Alice to be his fiancee. Hearing this, Alice passed out and had her first "Moon Dream". She dreamed about Mokuren and Shion. After Jinpachi heard about Alice and Mokuren being the same person, he decided that he should start looking for the other scientists. The three of them sent letters to a "true confessions" magazine. And hoped for a response.