The Hiwatari Saki Universe- An excellent PSME page hosted by Skuld. Tons of neat stuff!

Please Save My Earth related links are listed at the top of the page, and links to some of my friends, and other people that wanted to exchange links are at the bottom.

Now for my list of people I want to thank. Ace, thanks for explaining all the basics to me. Michiru, you're help with uploading was something I couldn't have done without. Kate Sanzaki, thanks for explaing how to put music in here. Mizuno Ami , for her passwords. And last ,but certainly not least, ~Miss Washu~ thanks for coming, telling me what you thought, and all of your support. I couldn't have made this page without the help of these people. Thanks again!

Please Save My Earth: Dreams- A beautiful site, you can look long and hard, but you probably won't find a PSME site that looks better than this one!

Kyaa's Please Save My Earth Page- Kyaa has an extremely cute page of PSME stuff. Be sure to check it out!

Miki's Please Save My Earth Page- Miki has tons of rare images, and a very nice site!

Sakura Kokushou's Please Save My Earth Page- Has many great picture galleries for all the PSME guys!

Ranma Perfect Edition- My other site (where most of my time has been devoted lately). Please drop by!

Yusaku Godai's Life at Maison Ikkoku- An excellent Maison Ikkoku site, without a doubt my favorite!

Kate Sanzaki's Page- Kate has a great page with Tenchi stuff, and lots of neat midi's!

Umi no Hoshi- A great Sailor Neptune and Uranus page, hosted by Michiru herself!

KawaiiNeppy's Anime De Cafe- An awesome site all about one of my best friends, Neppy!

Mai Shiranui's Homepage- Has many links to other great Geocities anime and manga pages!