January 5 2001- Happy New Year! I fixed the guestbook since Geocities stopped supporting the old kind. Please help fill it up!

September 5- I added some banners to the index.

September 4- The site just passed it's 3rd Anniversary, so I've added a new message board and index! Please enjoy and use the message board often!

March 2 2000- Hey! An Update!! I updated my Links section (I know, I know, this isn't a big update, but at least it's better than nothing). I just realized Kyaa's site isn't there anymore either... so if you have a PSME site and would like her link to be replaced with yours, let me know!

September 12- I updated my Webrings section slightly. ^_^

June 24- I added a new link, and I'll add some new cards to the Post Office soon (hopefully). I haven't heard anything from the image thieves
. Saki Hiwatari's birthday is on the 5th of July, so happy b-day Saki!

May 11- I've updated everything, check it out! Tell me what you think! Be sure to read through my "Personal Thoughts" section too!

January 14, 1999- I added a link and took down the Chat entrance. (some weirdos' were coming in from my doors, so....)

June 19- Everythings new. Since my page is nearing it's 1st birthday, and I noticed how plain the old one looked, I decided to redo everything.