In the charactes section, you can learn some things that weren't touched on in the anime, such as each moon scientist's password.  Please Save My Earth has been called one of the best dubbed anime to be released in the US. The excellent voice actors are the reason why. You will be able to listen to voice clips of the various characters they played from the series, in this section also.

Alice Sakaguchi/Mokuren

Rin Kobayashi/Shion

Issei Nishikiori/Enju

Jinpachi Ogura/Gyokuran

Sakura Kokushou/Shushuran

Daisuke Dobashi/Hiiragi

Haruhiko Kazama/Shukaido

Kazuto Tamura & Ayako Okomura

Takeshi Matsudaira & Mr. Matsudaira


Lazlo & Kyaa!

Yakushimaru & Hajime Sakaguchi