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Welcome to my web page. You're probably wondering who I am and why I've created a web page devoted to my travels. Well, in my usual life, I work as a budget analyst for the City of Fresno, California. That's a fancy term for a nerdy, bureaucrat accountant. And if you know anything about Fresno, you probably know that it's an ugly track of modern suburbia designed to numb the senses to the point that the soul is sucked out of the body. This condition exists for most cities in the San Joaquin Valley, however, it's particularly acute in Fresno.

Anyhow, given that my career and the place I live do nothing to add any kind of life to my life, I have to get out of the valley to remind myself that an interesting world does exist. So, I go on trips. I've been lucky enough over the past few years to visit my friend, Kelly, and his wife, Denise, during their tour of duty with the Air Force in England. I'm very grateful that they've opened up their home to me these past few years. They have made it very convenient for me to explore the British Isles. Thanks again, Kelly and Denise!!!

So, you now know a little about me and why I go on trips outside of Fresno. However, that doesn't explain why I've chosen to put them on the web. Well, like anyone who has a personal page on the web, I have a HUGE ego. Thus, this page is mostly for my own ego gratification. However, I also think that I've loaded it with a lot of practical information that someone who is planning a trip to the British Isles would appreciate.

I didn't write a lot of information about my 1995 trip. I didn't get serious about keeping track of this kind of information until I went in 1997. In case you haven't seen my 1997 trip page, I'd recommend that you take a look at it. It's fairly simple, but it does contain facts on places that aren't in the page for the 1998 trip. Two points about these pages. First, I typically write about my impressions of the things I visited. If you want more detailed information about the particular site, I've tried to provide links to other web pages. These are usually the best pages that I've found for either historical information or visitor's information. The second point is that you will find that I've used the recommendations of the Lonely Planet guides heavily. I've used other guides, but I've found that Lonely Planet's recommendations are more in keeping with the places that I like to visit. And, I've never had a serious problem with any hotel or restaurant that they recommend. In fact, most of them are very good. The versions I used for these trips were the 2nd edition of the Great Britain guide and the 3rd edition of the Ireland guide.

Despite my ego, I do appreciate any comments you might have about this site. Please e-mail me at the address at the bottom of this page. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.

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