Paeans for your Pleasure

Take a peek at our verses
and see how you like them.
Savor our paintings
to know how they taste!
Wade into our journals
and feel them around you.
Smell those photos;
you'll like them, they're good!
And here's a new story
for you to discover!
Would you like to write too?
Then tell us, don't dither!
Haven't been with you for sometime, we know.
But sure as tomorrow, here's something that's new!
Of course, there's not only this site.
Here's one more to uncover...
And here is it's mirror,
to make sure that you get there!

Won't you write us your thoughts?
We'd love that, you know...
'Cuz we'd like you to see them,
right after, for show!
Front Cover by Alfredo Liongoren for Journey: An Autobiography in Verse
On sale at
La Solidaridad,
National Bookstores!

In the US, order them from
Philippine American Literary House
P.O. Box 5099, Sta. Monica, CA 90409
Tel/Fax: (310) 392-7562; (562) 929-2584

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