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Finally renewed my membership at Passwords R Us. (ROTFL)

Most Important News

06FEB04, I ran out of cigarettes. I didnt feel like walking to the store like normal. Havent had a cigarette since. I had tried the Pills, the Patches, the Gum, Mints, even Voodoo. (Read VooDoo as Hypnosis) This time I am doing it without medical support. Not cold turkey, This has taken TONS of Prayer. I am on every prayer list I can get onto. And Yes it does Help. I prayed for three months for the strength to set a quit date. Then a week early I run out and stay out of Cigarettes.
Now that I remember my Password I may begin a Blog. Web Journal for those who do not recognize the term Blog.

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You can go lower and see them all listed or begin a guided tour Starting with my Favorite Drink!

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USNO Master Clock Time
The Definitive answer to What time is it!!!
Online IQ testing
I took it, was please but not entirely shocked by the results. Its only a ten minute test, the real IQ test take alot longer.

I helped them move in, check them out.

Site Constructed Entirely of Earth Friendly Reusable Cyberspace. 0;-)
Personal Jesus, by D|E|P|E|C|H|E M|O|D|E is playing in the background.

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