Military College Jhelum is among the prestigious institutions of the country, every healthy activity either mental or physical, the proper emphasis is given. We have got three grounds in total, out of which one is the main P.T. Area, which is at the back of Commandant House near gardens. Here daily day to day physical activities are carried out. Morning P.T. and evening games are very common activities which are kept in routine for about 9 months in the whole year. Morning P.T. is done under the supervision of NCO staffs & the Adjutant. In the evening like morning participation and presence of cadet is compulsory in the area, but in the evening he has a choice to play the game in which he is interested. Here he get the coaching of good staff belonging to particular game.

After the summer vocations all the inter house activities and competitions starts, and sports is also one of the component. In the second or third week of September, college sports week is conducted in which all the house teams participate, in all the games.

Main P.T. area is taken one of the sacred place of the whole college, because here a lot of tough time a cadet has to bear, which is memorable for him from the day he gets out from the college. The soil of the ground has become fertile due to the sweat of the people who are at the higher posts today, and when any of the old Alamgirian comes to this area he tries to smell the beautiful days out of this vast land. Infect this place make them learn how to use the "Will Power". At Military College Jhelum, the sports are held at inter-house and college levels. After the inter-house competitions the college teams are made on the basis of the performance of the cadets in inter-house matches. They are prepared for the dignity and raising the high name of college high by the coaching of the trained staff. We have P.A.F. College Sargodha, Cadet College Hasanabdal, Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad, Cadet College Kohat as our main opponents. The fixtures are conducted on the basis of full hospitality and Sports Man Spirit by the authorities and cadets of Military College Jhelum.

Right:--> A view of a Basket ball match. We have five Basket ball courts in total, from which four are in the main P.T. Area.

In the picture, Military College is hosting a basket ball match against P.A.F. College Sargodha.

Like Basket Ball we have always produced very good material in the game of Foot Ball. We have about nine grounds of Foot Ball out of which most of them are again in the main P.T. Area.

Right---> An inter-house match of Football is been played in the Sprots Week.

Volley Ball is very popular game of the college. Although it is not played in the house and college competitions but in daily games, the volley player can be found easily as compared to the other games. Many of our respected instructors some times try to defeat the cadets. In the last Re-Union (Nov-2000), this was the only game which was played between the young and old Alamgirians, which was won by the young Alamgirians. The above picture was taken from the highest point of the college (The Water Tank), by our great instructor Capt.Muhammad Munir Asif in May 1998.

We have always got good ground, coaches, and talented players of Hockey, reflecting greater concerned towards the National Game of the country.

At Left in the Picture the Commandant, Chief-Instructor, Officer-In-Charge College Hockey Team & The Adjutant Military College Jhelum, in a group photo with the College Hockey Team.

Beside the games other physical activities are compulsory for the training of a cadet, which includes Cross-Country Race (4.50km for juniors & 8.50km for seniors), Boxing, Swimming, Firing, and Physical Efficiency Tests etc.

An interesting seen of the Cross Country for Seniors (1998), over the Upper JHELUM Canal. Running is an activity which gets a lot of concentration in the sights of most of the Adjutants. On every first P.T. of the week, one mile is conducted, in which cadets get the time limitation. And every one has to participate and clear the mile. For the cross country cadets start improving their running stamina few months back. This is the event which is conducted out of the college boundaries, beside that it involves the combined participation of all the boys for their houses. The Cross-Country Track starts from the college, its main road then it reaches outside from the college in Sara-i-Alamgir market, while passing from various streets, roads, side and bridge of Upper Jhelum canal, and finally reaches the college main P.T. area via Commandant House. The track carries various ups and downs, wet and dry, slippery and tough ways.

Boxing is a game which makes a man courageous and bold. In the training it is emphasized by conducting this event every year. The pairs are made on the basis of weights and body shape. Two rounds of 3 minutes each are conducted on the final day but for these 6 minutes they practice for 6 weeks even.

College has got firing ranges at the back of Musa Hall and Aurangzeb House. Here the first event of the academic year is conducted. Various techniques of Firing are taught by the trained staff of Military College which includes various Do s and Dont s. This event is conducted for the senior most class, which means that every cadet gets the participation only once throughout his college life. In the picture 'The Trained and efficient Shooters of MCJ' are busy in aiming their targets and are waiting to shoot their target till further orders.

Recently we have made our swimming pool better by reconstructing it. In front of the College Hospital and closer to the Officers Mess the college has its swimming pool. Swimming is must for every one. The cadet who comes in the college when he don't know anything about swimming, when leaves the college knows it well. College conducts the inter-house swimming competition every year, in which every house tries to participate well by sending their good swimmers. You can view a good seen of Water Polo in the picture which is the part of this whole competition. On the very final day all cadets at their own jumps in the pool together in a joy and happiness which shows many interesting seen. It is one of the time which remains in the memories later, of those who participate in it and complete their time at the college.

A group photo of the Hockey teams, when Army Burn Hall College came to Military College Jhelum for playing the Sports Fixture.

Football teams of Military College Jhelum and P.A.F. College Sargodha at fixture.

Military College Jhelum football team with the Commandant, Chief Instructor, Officer-In Charge college Football team and the Adjutant Military College Jhelum.