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Winner House receiving Shooting Shield.




An instructor singing a song in Farewell of out going XII-class.




A Group photo of few out going XII-class cadets at their farewell dinner night.




In summer vocations MCJ mountaineers & instructors at Shimla Hill Abbottabad.




Boys of Hiking club MCJ with their OIC (Officer-In-Charge) at Kalam valley.




On Raising Day (15-Sept), A Group photo of 'old Alamgirians' with the Commandant.



An ex-comdt. is cutting a cake of Raising day with Chief of Navel Staff (An old Alamgirian).




A Group photo of a College Team with the Commandant.



MCJ football team captain is shaking hand with the football captain of a sister institution.




A cadet is presenting his views in a speech contest at Musa Hall.



Chief Guest on the ocassion of Inter house Pakistaniat is presenting views after the function.


A group photo of cadets on an excursion trip.



An ex-commandant is inaugrating new systems at Computer Club.



Lt.Gen.Pervaiz Musharraf corps commander Mangla (Now Gen. (****) Pervaiz Musharraf Chief Executive Pakistan, CJCSC & Chief of Army Staff) is addressing the college on the topic of "Leadership grooming through my own experience" as a guest speaker on 22 May 1997.


Dr. Anis Ahmed (a renouned thinker and scholar) is addressing college as a guest speaker.

Through out the whole academic year the cadets of Military College has to do a lot of activities and thus every one here cannot judge how fast complete one year has been passed away. All the activities let them exercise in all fields like Academics, Sports, Curricular, Extra Curricular, Physical, Mental, and other Healthy activities. These activities through out the year helps in their character building and lead their lives towards the self discipline.
Every academic year (academic session) starts from May when the senior classes (Metric, First year & Second year) are free from their board exams. Those who give the papers of the XII-class are free from the college leaves MCJ till late June, and others are promoted to the next classes. This is the time when the environment of the college is a little bit lineant, due to the arrival of the summer vocations and departure of the Old XII. Within this time New XII-class have to participate in the shooting contest. Best house gets the shooting shield and best firer is awarded with the shooting color.These are the days of June when the summer is at its peek. College authorities conduct Inter House Swimming Competition, in which all huoses participate enthusiastically. Various competetions related to Swimming are held. Over all the house who gets the maximum points wins this trophy and the best swimmer of the college is again awarded with Swimming Color of the session. These two competetions indicates the start of the new session activities. The classes are started but in a low swing due to the arrival of Summer Vocations. The old XII-class gets it Farewell party saying good bye to their great Alma Mater. Special variety show and dinner night is conducted in their honour. Mean while the Cadet Appointments for the out standing cadets of the new XII-class are also announced designating them various duties. The instructors of the concerned subjects and classes decides the relevent academic courese and prepare the summer vocation assignments which are given to the cadets so that during the two monthes stay at their homes they should remain intoch with their coming course. Beside that one book of english and urdu each are issued to all of them from the college library for the development of book reading habit in the boys. And another thing which happens before the vocations is the Arrival of new 8th class. This induction fills the gap of the junior most entry in the college, thus another batch of Alamgirians is at the great alma mater.
The cadets leave to their homes by the June 20th.
They are back at the college by August 15th. Have their medical check up by the RMO and other medical staff at the CH (College Hospital). The cadets observe the Adam Day in which they get a chance to get ready for the days to come. By the end of the August they are going to have their First Terminal exams. When they are free from it the regular classes are again on line, and the participents of various competitions are polishing themselves so that they can show their worth in a better way. After the exams they get a long week end (for 48 hours). When they are back they find the sports schedule endorssed on all the circular boards of cadets houses. The teams of all houses are registered within the first week of September, and the second week is declared as the Sports Week. In this regular calasses are at their way but during Morning P.T. and games times, the matches among all houses in the field of sports are played. This is the week which can conclude the ultimate winner of the Sports Trophy. On 15th September college Annual Raising day is observed which is celebrated in the memory of its first day in 1925. Many of the old Alamgirians come to attend this function. Old Alamgirians and specially guys are those who have been recently passed out from the college. The cadets who have done brilliantly well in Academics get Amblums from the chief guest. After 10 to 15 days the college teams are made who have their practices day and nights at main P.T. area. By the mid of Oct, Military College plays its sports fixtures with other cadet colleges. One year college hosts the matches and one year our teams go to other colleges. In the light of results of sports fixtures college gets another long week end leave.
With in the same month of October, many stage competetions like debates, declamations, extempore, Pakistaniat, Iqbaliat, Qirat and Naat competitions, are held at Musa Hall stage, in which the cadets listen to the views of the speakers. This is the time when the air of the college is full of competetion fragnance. Inter house cross country race is one of the most delightful and thrilling competition which is found within the same days. Beside that interhouse Boxing is also held. By the start of November nearly all the competetions are finished and college has diverted its attention towards The College Annual Parents Day which is scheduled at the end of November. The classes are stopped and the club activities are its peak. The senior most class prepare the prade at main P.T. area. Various indoor and outdoor clubs prepare for the final day. Every one at Military College strikes hard for the success of the Parents day at its own place. No one from the Commandant to the junior most cadet and a sweeper exempts him self from his duties. Every one tries to do his best.
On annual Parents day all the parents come to the college and see the function, and ultimately take their sons to the homes for few days leave. After leave when they are back they find programmes on their notice boards once again, but this time the orders and schedules are different, because winter has brought the full academic season in the college. In December-January senior classes observe the send-up tests, and rest classes give the second terminal exams. Beside this in the recent years Holy month of Ramazan is observed with great respect. Tarravih Prayers are conducted in the college mosque. After Eid cadets strike hard for the improvement of their academics. During these days of Feb-Mar college invites some guest speakers for delivering their talk in their specialised field. Some times various seminars are also conducted in Musa Hall for which cadets and instructors prepare them selves. No other activity related to sports, competitions, and physical activities are there other than studies. They get a chance for self study in the last days before Board Exams in the Yaadgaar Lawns. The days of board exams are the last days and thus an academic year or session ends.
The juniors get one step promotion and the senior most (XII-class) passes out.