Parma, Ohio's "Randy Shilts"

         This free website can't possibly describe all the tragic consequences of Senate Bill 722 which would, many believe, lead to the eventual elimination of all health foods in America, both through regulatory powers and financial cost of production.
          If Harvey Milk was alive, he would be preaching about how Illinois Senator Durbin is trying to illegalize health foods, like Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell, Dan White et al. tried to illegalize homosexuality.
           Future articles elaborating beyond the limits of this site can be found at the Cleveland Politics site for   As of November 27, 2003 this horrible bill which would lead to black market crime and death, bilions of dollars of futile law enforcement, billions of lost sales taxes, and unemployment of tens of thousands in America's most beneficial industry et al. is in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Information of which can be found at
            Eventually the $18 billion annual American health food industry will spend much more than I am with fully accessorized sites, full page newspaper ads, TV commercials etc. But, by then, similar to AIDS before Rock Hudson's October 2, 1985 death, it will be too late. For Senator Durbin will probably have called in all the favors he can, and made many more.
            The fact that I am taking this up as a cause before all the criminal, health and public policy deaths start clearly shows that I am indeed Parma, Ohio's "Randy Shilts"
             I can be contacted at, senators and the media at
             Below is whatever amount fits of one of the many articles I have been posting on google newsgroups, The Net in general  in door-to-door fliers in the Parma area and maybe if financially possible in Harvey Milk's and Randy Shilts' San Francisco. When million-dollar ad campaigns start, it's time to worry, or accept....



      For 9 years, since the 1994 DSHEA, tens of millions of health food/supplement users thankfully ignored that absurd government mandated labeling and advertising disclaimer and indeed at least prevented being worse.
      Millions with incurable diseases  abandon standard medical protocols which have worse side effects than the disease's symptoms. They choose the health food route living years past their doctors' predicted life expectancy, with few side effects.
      Besides the devastating health crisis and athletic detriments, SB 722 would inevitably produce a black market with a demand of ten million users, with suppliers who would be engaging in lethal business tactics (a.k.a. lethal business activities)
       The massive black market would result in billions of tax dollars in futile enforcement, preventing people with AIDS (e.g.) from doing something beneficial for themselves. The first year carnage from SB 722 could equal that of the entire 22 years of AIDS.
         Money that would otherwise be spent finding cures for diseases, helping the homeless etc. would be spent on raids on supplement manufacturers, and create a of personal health care crisis. Health food consumers would feel like how Harvey Milk preached about Gay Raids. Also dealt with on CBS TV's "Cold Case".
         Similar to years AIDS was ignored (6/4/81-10/2/85) by most media except Randy Shilts, SB 722 is probably percieved as a mere athletic issue, like then called Kaposi's Sarcoma was percieved a gay issue.
         SB 722 is far more than (e.g.) marathoners slowing down from 3:05 to 3:30. It's about people who will either die not wanting to go back to standard medical protocol side effects or engaging in black market or foreign Internet acquisitions.
         Had people like Bobbi Campbell, Ken Horne and of course Shilts had The Net back then, AIDS might have remained with less than epidemic numbers. They would have spammed, trolled, pop up aded to make sure everyone knew about AIDS.
           The Net does exist with SB 722 and this effort seeks to lobby each Senator's constituency and the media before the billion dollar advertising starts. Before it's too late.
            Besides the health benefits and athletic aspects will be the lost billions of sales tax dollars of an $18 billion dollar annual industry and the unemployment of tens of thousands in the industry.
            Health food consumerism and individuals' pre-use research quickly wipes out the demand for virtually all ephedera-like products, years before the FDA would even be able to begin hearings.
            Virtually everyone who starts to take supplements continues for years, decades or eternally. The results last longer than any possible placebo effect.
            The amount of mainstream supplements needed to suffer the only exclusive to supplements reaction (kidney damage) would require a person to spend at least $7,000 annually even with sales. Consuming cups daily  (hundreds) of supplements in some OCD state would lead to social and occupational dysfunction due to seeming non-stop urination and defecations.
             Maybe 1 in 50,000 users do or can financially/socially/occupationally overdose. That one ends up being a national news story and a metaphorical Durbin SB 722 Poster Boy. The 49,999 of 50,000 who know how to use health foods to improve health and athletic performance, the diverted tax dollars, the unemployed supplement employees, the crime deaths, would all become part of what could be analogized "The Health Food Ban Quilt" (like THE AIDS QUILT).
             For a surreal number of people would suffer for the one Durbin Poster Boy who stupidly wants to daily consume 5 grams of Vitamin C, 10 grams of Ginseng Complex, 250,000 I.U.'s of Vitamin A, 6,000 I.U.s of Mixed Tocopherols,etc.
             I urge supplement users to contact Senators, media etc. to Stop Senate Bill 722. To go on The Net to spread the word before the media starts to cover "A Bill that has passed" instead of  "A  Bill that could pass" Or like a Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that in 1981 could have could become a tragedy.

             In the  varied words of Shilts' AND THE BAND PLAYED ON's epilogue.
             Because of their efforts, the stoy of SB 722, politics, people and the Durbin AIDS epedemic is, ultimately a  tale of courage as well as cowardice, compassion as well as bigotry, inspiration as well as venality and redemption as well as despair.
              SB's Internet effort is a tale that bears telling, so that SB 722 will never happen again to any people, anywhere.

Let's not have SB 722 create the next American Health Crisis.