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That's right folks, I'm coming back to the PKC with Oak Meadows Kennels. I'm not going to be nearly as involved as I was before, but I've finally found the time to get back into Petz a little, and I love the community. I'm not starting over, just starting up smaller from where I left off two years ago. See you all in the arena :)

Pyralis Dawn @ OMK
AIM: x Orome x

I have kindly been sent a Unibreed file of my Lab breed, so it should work for all version now without corrupting. E-mail me if there are any problems!

I have added both a Kennel and a Services section to the 'other' part of the site, have a gander at them. :)

Life's been a bit busy the past two weeks. Apparently the Petz 4 versions of my breeds still aren't downloading correctly, so I'll have to toy around with that a bit more. If you need one of the files in the meantime, please e-mail me and I can send it to you. :) Also, a new Labrador litter is up. The pups are beautiful, check them out.

I've removed the breedfiles that were corrupted and uploaded some fresh copies of the non-overwrites, minus the Womies. Since I don't have Petz5, I can't be 100% sure that those ones will work. If you do have Petz5 and download one, please contact me if there are any problems. Thanks!

It seems that there are some problems with the downloads; the files in the ZIP folders are corrupt and won't extract, so don't download them until I get some fixed versions up here.

The adoptions are up! I'm still working on getting things to add to the 'other' and 'links' sections, so bear with me. The kennel page is also in the works.

Started working on this new little version of the site. Some adoptions coming soon, as well as a kennel section.


Pretty self-explanitory. I have both singles and litters; singles are primarily old petz of mine that I'm offering up for adoption, and litters are primarily bred specifically to be adopted out. The terms of adoption are below the listed petz, please read them before filling out the adoption form.

Call name: Asphodel
Show name: OMK's Daylight Daphodil
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
PKC #: Not registered
Notes: PKC pointed grandparents.
Call name: Blue
Show name: OMK's Clear Blue Sky
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
PKC #: Not registered
Notes: DQ'ed for coloring. Not Hexed.
Call name: Libby
Show name: OMK's Liberation Front
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
PKC #: Not Registered
Notes: PKC pointed parents.
Call name: Red
Show name: OMK's Blazing Fire
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
PKC #: Not Registered
Notes: PKC pointed parents.
Call name: Rosa
Show name: OMK's Pretty Petal
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
PKC #: Not Registered
Notes: PKC pointed grandparents.


Litter #001

[F1-1] [M1-2] [F2-3] [M2-4]
Sire: Rc. OMK's Silver Hammer, 'Maxwell'
Dame: OMK's Out to the Pictures, 'Joan'
Purebred RDK Basenjis. Both parents are PKC pointed. The two females are fully A registerable. The two males are DQ'ed for the base color of their brindle, but are still B registerable.

Litter #002

[M1-1] [F1-2] [F2-3] [F3-4] [M2-5]
Sire: Ch. OMK's Soft as a Cushion, 'Cody'
Dame: Rc. OMK's Destiny Bound, 'Rebekah'
Purebred PF. Magic Labrador Retrievers. Champion Sire, Reserve Champion Dame is two points from finishing. All pups are fully A registerable. Please include a small blurb about your plans for the pup of your choice in the 'other notes' section of the adoption form.

Terms of Adoption
They're a bit lengthy, but please read all of them.

Prefixes: You cannot change the pet's prefix. Exceptions will only be made in special cases.

Names: PKC registered petz' names cannot be changed, no exceptions. Petz that are not yet registered can have their show or call name changed if you specify what the new name will be in the form below. You must notify me if you decide to change it again. I like to keep track of the petz I adopt out.

Showing: I do not require that you show these petz unless otherwise specified in the pet/litter information. However, since all pets that I adopt out are either A, B, or C registerable in PKC, I do require that you register them. I don't do this to be difficult, but again, I just like to be able to keep track of all my petz.

Litters: I don't give my litters call and show names; you get to decide what they're going to be. A litter pet's prefix must be that of the parents, or if the parents have different prefixes, then it will be Sire's prefix/Dame's prefix. Include the call and show name you are going to give the pet under the 'name change' portion of the form. Please specify which litter the pup is from, since I number them all according to the same system.

Breeding: While I may think it's a shame if a well-bred and successful pet doesn't contribute back to its own breed, I do not require that petz be bred pure.

Abuse: If you don't have anything better do with your time than simulate animal abuse on a computer, you need to go get yourself a life, not more petz. If you somehow manage to adopt one of my petz and then abuse it, don't bother telling me about it. It won't make me angry, only pity your meaningless existance. Just don't do it.

Re-Adoption: If the time comes that you no longer want this pet, you may either return it to me or adopt it out to another PKC Kennel/Cattery. You may not put it up for download, or give copies of the pet to more than one person. These petz are all unique -- let's keep them that way.

Other: If there are any other questions or comments you have, just include it in the 'other notes' portion of the form. When the pet is sent to you, you will recieve all of its pedigree information (Call names, show names, and PKC numbers of both the parents and all other available ancestors) along with any other notes specific to the pet. Please put 'mongoose' in the 'terms of adoption' portion of the form so that I know you read these. The PKC show records of the parents are also available if you request them, but they are just as easy to look up on the PKC website. If I don't see that the pet has been registered within a month of adoption, I will contact you about it.

Adoption Form

Replace the text in the boxes with your own.


The only things up for download right now are a couple breedfiles that have been accepted in online kennel clubs, so I'd like to keep them available to everyone. Not all the Petz 3 and 5 versions are up yet, so please be patient. If you experience any trouble with the files, please notify me and I'll do my best to fix it. Hexing is pretty much a thing of the past for me, so don't expect many new breeds to pop up here.


From the infantile stages of my hexing phase. I wanted a breedfile that wouldn't look apalling in show poses and yet still keep the lab personality, unlike the other dali-based files of the time. This is the result, though whether or not I achieved my goal with it is debatable. It is PKC Accepted, and comes in tan, brown, and black. I think there are also body variations, but I made this such a long time ago that I don't remember them anymore.

UniBreed Non-Overwrite

Cane Corso

A little bit later on in the hexing phase, I was looking to create a breed which the PKC didn't already have a file for that would be interesting to create and show. Thus came the Cane Corso. Despite the fact that there are much prettier-looking breedfiles out there, I'm fond of this one because it isn't so angled and tampered that you can't play with or do obedience with it. It is PKC Accepted, and comes in Fawn, Red, Black, Blue, Fawn Brindle, and Blue Brindle, along with body and leg length variations.

P3 Overwrite P4 Overwrite P5 Overwrite
P3 Non-overwrite P4 Non-overwrite P5 Non-overwrite


My very first hex ever. Hopefully that will excuse the oddness of this little species ;) It is however, rather cute and lots of fun to watch wiggle across the screen. It is WKC accepted, and comes in Yellow, Green, White, and Off-White with no intentional variations.

P3 Non-overwrite P4 Non-overwrite P5 Non-overwrite


Here you can find a small variety of other things I offer on this site, such as my kennel and breeding services. I will post in the updates when new sections are added here.

Since my kennel is completely PKC, I've decided just to use their pages to store my petz information rather than duplicate it here. to view my petz, just log in to the PKC website, then lookup user Pyralis Dawn or simply click this link. You can find my currently showing petz in My Kennel, and my petz waiting to be shown in the Showcase. A few of my retired petz aren't listed.

I offer Stud, Dame, and Breeding Pair services. The terms for these services are the same as the terms of adoption, plus one addition term: My champion petz will only be bred will champions from other kennels, or other pointed petz from my kennel. You may not request a breeding from a pet that has no points yet, from either my kennel or another. See the above section if you would like to see my kennel. All pointed petz listed there are available unless otherwise noted.

Unfortunately, my services are available for Petz 3 and 4 only at the moment. To request a breeding, fill out the form below.
Breeding Request Form

Replace the text in the boxes with your own.

If both petz are not Oak Meadows petz, please include the .pet of the other:


Just a couple of links. I'll add more as I find useful ones, so for now, they're just the ones you already know ;) E-mail me if you'd like your kennel/cattery to be linked here.

Petz Kennel Club


Your form has been submitted. A response will be sent within the next two days. If you do not recieve one, please e-mail to make sure your form went through properly. Thank you!