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One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.
Pam Brown

Well, I fortunately have two wonderful cats welcoming me home. First they wait me on the window sill and then behind the door and when I open it and come in they sincerely show how glad they are of my returning. What a wonderful feeling being always welcomed home!

I made this site because I want to tell you about my cats and their activities. On their own catpage there are also many photos about them and later about other cats too. I am happy that you have found our site and I hope you enjoy and come soon to visit us again.

You find interesting links to other cat related places on my linkpage. We are so many who love cats. I have links to completely other places there too because I am interested in so many things in addition to cats, small and big, domestic and wild.

In my photogallery there are pictures for instance about nature and animals and also things of all other kinds.


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An award from Diane's Cats
I got this award from the page of Diane's Cats.
I am proud of it. Thanks Diane!

Gift from Angelbleu

Heartland Pet Gazette


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