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Milord Mab's Mansion

Welcome! I'm Daniel. This was going to be my
index page, only every time I edited it in
something very slow and irritating called
Pagebuilder, I lost my guestbook. Now I've
discovered Netscape Composer, life is much
easier, faster, smoother and cleaner. Results
are more gratifying. Anyway, do click on the two
gentlemen below to be taken to the index for my
site.  And PLEASE click here to sign my guestbook
after you've admired the scenery and looked
around a bit, please!! Looks like I will be busy
updating these pages for the next few years!

Many people have asked why I go by the
nickname of Milord_Mab.  I am glad to say
that It has nothing to do with Mab, queen of
the faiiries. In fact, Mab is short for "Mabutt".
No, it is nothing to do with Gary Mabutt, the
footballer. Whoever he may be... But a gentleman
of my acquaintance got the idea in my head that
my surname was Mabutt, rather than Cottam...
explanations on a postcard please. I thought it
was pretty cool, so I used it as my ID and then
discovered that rude jokes were flying around.
ie: "Have you seen Mabutt?" "No, and please put
it away at once." So I, being a sensitive soul,
judiciously and quickly changed it.

By the way, I should point out that I also go by the
nickname Vladovic on occassion, when I don't feel
like being Mab. Sometimes I even combine the two
and am Mabovic.

I intend to add more pages and links soon, about
my interests, and to edit the stuff I have put up
already. This site should blossom into a repository
of the things that make my life worth staying alive
for - information about my social standing in the
world of MS Chat, information on costume and
fashion history, poems that make my toes tingle
and my back vibrate, books and authors that I
love... In short, all the stuff I want to find  on the
Net and just can't. (so you definitely aren't going to
find anything DISGUSTING, sexual, or illegal here ;-)
This IS a family zone - though if you consider that
fine art depicting naked people is obscene, then
don't enter my website. If anyone tells me I must
remove my Henri Matisse and Paul Delvaux images
or burn in Hell, they will be politely and pointedly


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