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  • Education Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Photo Album
  • Call Schedules
  • From the Residency Program Office
  • HalfDay Groups

    Photo Album

    A new section has been added to showcase photos of residents.
    Feel free to contribute your own! (altered or otherwise)

    Call Schedules

      Jul 2002 Aug 2002
    MUMC Call200207M.pdf Call200208M.pdf
    HGH Call200207H.pdf Call200208H.pdf
    SJH Call20020708S.pdf

    From the Residency Program Office
    (you can also visit the Program's official website)

    HalfDay Schedules:
    Jan - May 2002 HalfDaySchedule3.pdf (Revised Mar 31)
    Sep - Dec 2001 HalfDaySchedule.pdf (Revised Nov 27)

    Master Rotation Schedules:
    May/Jun 2002 Rotation2002MayJun.pdf (Posted Mar 31)
    Mar/Apr 2002 Rotation2002MarApr.pdf (Posted Feb 12)
    May/Jun 2002 Rotation2002JanFeb2.pdf (Revised Nov 26)

    SMR Rotation Rosters:
    May/Jun 2002 SMR2002MayJun.pdf (Posted Mar 31)
    Mar/Apr 2002 SMR2002MarApr.pdf (Posted Feb 12)
    Jan/Feb 2002 SMR2002JanFeb2.pdf (Revised Nov 26)

    JMR Rotation Rosters:
    May/Jun 2002 JMR2002MayJun.pdf (Posted Mar 31)
    Mar/Apr 2002 JMR2002MarApr.pdf (Posted Feb 12)
    Jan/Feb 2002 JMR2002JanFeb.pdf

    HalfDay Groups

    All residents should be involved with HalfDay planning by joining one of the Subspecialty Groups (which is responsible for the HalfDays in that particular month).

    Click here for the Group Listing. (Updated Feb 11)

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    Last updated 2002 Nov 4
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