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Completed Co-fics

A Love Not Lost (Co-fic with Turtle)

California Girl (Co-fic with Minako-chan)

Love Warrants All Kinds of Affection (Co-fic with MK)

The Language of Love (Co-fic with Minako-chan)

The Turtle, Klutz and Usa-chan Adventure: flirting With Endy(Co-fic with Turtle and Mk)

Completed Stories

A Dancer's Past


Boarding School Girl

Chalk Boards and Children

In Another Lifetime

Kindergarten Teacher


Never Look Back

Red Champagne

The Center of my World

The Death of Motoki

The True Princess

The Unexpected


Complete One-parters

A Family to Love

A Family to Love - Sequel

Afraid to Lose You

A Lifetime of Heaven

All I Want


An Instant Mamo-chan

A Simple Spy Game

Bridge of Love

Bridege of Love re-written for ~*Lady Selene Moon FireStorm*~ ^_^

Dear Mother NEW!

Deceived Love


Friendships Long Past

Full Circle

Full Circle Sequel


Gyspy Treason

If You Ever Fall

It's Not a Matter of Need

Just Your Average Day

Less Than Perfect

Longer than You Know


Playing the Knight in Shining Armor

Minako's Story


Rainstorm and Cherries

Sailorvenus' Disaster



Split Second


The Usa-chan Adventure

The Words of the Young

Turning Point

Who Do You Think You Are?

You are not Alone

Still in the Works

Heart of a Saint

The Grand Scheme - The revision

Plus anything I've got hidden up my sleeve....

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