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Located in the Heart of Scenic San Pasqual Valley in Southern California

Three miles east of the San Diego Wild Animal Park on Highway 78 

Rocks - Minerals - Gifts From Mother Nature 

San Pasqual Valley, 26 miles north of downtown San Diego, is best known as the home of the Wild Animal Park and the site of the Battle of San Pasqual. To those of us who live and work here it is much more. Verdant crops, wide-open spaces, and rustic buildings create a unique blend of past and present --- a tranquil agricultural community in the midst of fast-paced Southern California. Since the 1800's, fertile soil and mild winters have attracted farmers and dairymen to the valley and today the agricultural industry still thrives here.

 The San Pasqual Store is the valley's friendly local "Mom & Pop Shop". Our small country store is part of valley history and has seen many incarnations. Since the store first opened in 1930,it has served the valley at various times as grocery market, snack bar, restaurant, and rural roadside attraction. In the mid-1940's, Jack Haley (the "Tin Man" in Wizard of Oz) bought the San Pasqual Store and the adjoining ranch. Haley deeded the store to Dottie and Harry Masters, former vaudeville stars who acted as caretakers. While the Masters owned the store, the walls and ceiling were covered with photographs of Hollywood celebrities, many of whom were visitors to the Haley Ranch and the San Pasqual Store. 

In 1977, we bought the then café from "Bwana Bob", a colorful character who had served up big burgers and tall tales throughout the 1960s and '70s. We continued the tradition of one-pound hamburgers, cold beer, and friendly conversation until 1986. We then closed the kitchen for good and reverted the business to a country store format. 

In 1994, a hobby became a vocation and we added a selection of rocks and minerals to our shelves. Since then, we have expanded our inventory to such an extent that today we have one of the largest selections of fine rock and mineral specimens available in Southern California and at prices you'll find hard to beat! San Pasqual has been called the "Gem Valley" of San Diego County in the past. Although the nickname was likely coined in homage to 8 miles of emerald green fields and orchards, with our growing inventory of quality rocks and minerals, we like to think we have made the old moniker more apropos than ever over the past seven years.

  • Crystals · Fossils · Petrified Wood
  • Crystal & Amethyst Clusters
  • Quality Mineral Specimens
  • Agate Slices - Thin & Thick
  • Healing Wands & Power Beads
  • Stone Bookends · Fountains
  • Spheres · Eggs · Pyramids
  • Rose Quartz Candle Holders
  • Unique Gemstone Jewelry
  • Tumble Stones - Wide Variety

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