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VIETNAM (27Nov08-27May09)
TRAVEL ITINERARY - CHINA AIRLINES $1,175 (Including Visa) 22Oct08

CI0003 Dep SFO Thur 27Nov08 (12:15A) - Arr Taipei Fri 28Nov08 (06:05A)
CI0681 Dep Taipei Fri 28Nov (07:30A) - Arr Saigon/TSN Fri 28Nov (10:05A)
--Bus From HCMC/Saigon to GoCong - Arr Fri 28Nov08 PM

--Bus From GoCong to HCMC/Saigon - Dep Wed 27May09 PM
CI0686 Dep Saigon Wed 27May09 (17:35P)- Arr Taipei Wed 27May09 (21:50P)
CI0004 Dep Taipei Wed 27May09 (22:50P) - Arr SFO Wed 27May09 (19:00P)

MINH_TÂM will be traveling to Vietnam for the six months, 27Nov08-27May09, leaving from San Francisco (SFO) on China (CX) Airlines via Taipei for a direct flight into HoChiMinh City(HCMC)/Saigon TanSonNhàt(TSN) Airport. His Vietnam arrival and departure flights are to/from the TSN Airport and he is met by a busload of friends and relatives from GoCong.
Click full-size photo of Minh_TÔM in Cyclo Click to go to full-size photo of MinhChau and Minh_TÔM in the Whitehouse East Rose Garden Minh_TÂM lives in GoCong, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam and he travels around the city by Cyclo (Pedicab). Minh_TÂM has a regular routine each day that includes working on the internet at NgocHuy/CongKhoa/HoangVU and having Pho (beef soup) or BoNe (beefsteak in GoCong.    . Work on the Rose Garden, MINH_TÂM's garden in GoCong was started in 1999 and he has been assisted by several Vietnamese friends including Minh Dinh, art teacher at THPT-Truong Dinh High School in Go Cong, who crafted a statue for the Rose Garden/PHOTO.  He also has been assisted by  Minh Chau, BaSi Bong (Doctor of Flowers), who provided many of the plants and names; see MAP 

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For more details click http://www.easyvietnamvisa.com21Oct08
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