Schematic Diagram and Parts List


Block Diagram: This is a updated PC board, the crystal and
 2 capacitors are no longer needed.

Printed circuit board layout

Parts List:
  1.  Lcd Display 16 characters x 2 line display (Hitachi/Sharp/Optrex...) Standard 14 pin module or equivalent;
  2. 16C84 or 16F84 (Pre-programmed) with Hex file (See below);
  3. 4x4 Keypad (or 16 switches arranged in matrix configuration);
  4. 2 Normally OFF push-button (Emergency Stop and Menu Selection);
  5. 4 - 2.2k 1/4 or 1/8 watt resistors (Value not critical - 1k to 6.8k acceptable);
  6. 8 - 1k 1/8 watt resistors (Keyboard Matrix);
  7. 5k to 10k trimmer pot (LCD display contrast);
  8. 4 mHz Crystal or Ceramic Resonator;
  9. 2- 22pf capacitors;
  10. Plastic case, connectors, etc...

 The following parts are available:
  • Dual-sided plated-through-holes printed circuit board - $11.00 US
Pre-programmed 16F628 micro-controller - $15.00US
  • 4x4 Matrix keyboard (as shown on the main page) - $ 5.00US
  • All prices in US $ (or equivalent) and include postage and handling.

    To order or request further information e-mail   Robert Cote or Johnny Zajdler.

    Derosoft (Denise Baribeau/Robert Côté - Pointe-Claire, Qc. Canada - NMRA Member #115144) June 1998 

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