Rafale - my favourite for the new Fighter @ Swiss Air Force

Special Activities of the Swiss Air Force 2009

Flabzielflüge auf PC-9, Sion           12th - 30th January 2009 

KVK/WK FlSt18 auf F-18 Hornet, Sion (WEF)           12th January - 06th February 2009 

KVK/WK FlSt19 auf F-5 Tiger II, Sion (WEF)           12th January - 06th February 2009 

KVK/WK LT 6/8 auf AIII/SP/SC, Alpnach (WEF)           12th January - 06th February 2009 

Flabzielflüge auf PC-9, Emmen           19th January - 13th February 2009 

Flabzielflüge auf F-5 Tiger II, Emmen           26th January - 06th February 2009 


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