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Miss Issy's Hospitality House

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A Vintage Post Card Shoppe
from the collection of
Hannon Garrett

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Proprietor: Gayla Pledger ~ Est. June 1999

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Miss Issy's Southern Hospitality House

is a unique Post Card Shoppe undoubtably distinct
from other virtual card shops you've visited.

If you're looking for soft, warm-hearted sentiment,
The Hospitality House is NOT the place for you! You'll find no heart-felt passions here ~ Miss Issy's Inn offers good humor, from slap-stick bathroom jokes to slightly naughty and sexy puns. This vintage collection, dating from the late 1930's through the early 1960's, was gathered by a man with a grand sense of humor ~ my great uncle Hannon. And through
The Southern Hospitality House, you may now enjoy this wonderful collection of rare, vintage post cards purchased from several South and South-Western states.
Most, if not all of these cards are now out of print.

Post cards at The Hospitality House are provided for your viewing pleasure, but please do not copy any of these images. I would greatly appreciate you, my dear patrons, passing the word along about Miss Issy's Inn to all your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Enjoy!

Cordially yours ~
Miss Issy

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Miss Issy's
Southern Hospitality House

is a reputable Bed & Breakfast Inn
and Vintage Post Card Shoppe.

The Gentleman's Suite...
offers king-size fun ~ with a touch of feminine teasing for his frolicking pleasure, along with plenty of outdoor activities for his sportsman's desires. Rugged, and slightly naughty, there's something sure to please every man.

The Powder Puff Suite...
isn't just for ladies ~ you men are sure to enjoy the
not-so-fluffy de'cor of this Southern Ma'dame's retreat.

The HoneyMoon Suite...
is for lovers, young and old ~ whether you're a newly-wed or have been stuck with the same ole aging body for years, these romantically off-key accomodations promise
everyone a thrill.

Down to
Hank's Tavern...
you'll find all the lonely hearts, the reckless and carefree. If you're looking for some understanding, or just a way to express yourself, take a seat at the bar,
and let the drinks flow!

Issy's Cabaret'...
is deliciously embellished with whimsical treats to satisfy any appetite. Stop in anytime for coffee, dinner,
and entertainment!

For all the naughty girls and dirty old men,
The HotHouse
is the room for you! It's steaming with witty insinuations, suggestive repartee's, and "under-cover" remarks,
all done in true Southern style.
This suite is reserved for our mature visitors only.

The OutHouse
is strictly designed for bathroom humor ~ need I say more? "Someone please save a corn cob!"

And I hope ya'll make time to stop by
Miss Issy's Private Suite...
where we can be properly acquainted,
right friendly like, and all.

Be sure you register at the
Front Desk

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Inventory at The Hospitality House was last updated
on or about July 7, 1999

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