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Amazing Race 3 has premiered and so far, the show has been great!!! But the ratings have not. Please make sure to watch this season and spread the word. I'm certain that CBS won't cancel the show but after what happened to The Mole 2 over at ABC last season, nothing is to be taken for granted. I also heard that CBS has already started callbacks for Amazing Race 4. To those of you who applied, good luck!

Check back here for my updates on what Os and Danny have been up to and for my reports on AR3...I'll be featuring news, recaps, and commentary.

Oswald and Danny raced into our hearts and won us over with their laidback, upbeat, fun attitude towards the race. They were respectful of other people and the cultures they encountered in their travels. They made sound decisions and truly worked together as a team. People saw past their sexual orientation and truly appreciated them for who they are as people. Thay may not have won the race but they did have fun!

Oswald and Danny, you guys are an inspiration to us all. =)

This is a gay friendly website. :)

Come visit me at my messageboard and we'll chat some more about Oswald and Danny and Amazing Race. See you there!

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