My Dogs

Currently, I have two German Shorthaired Pointers.  I would love to have many more dogs, and I'm sure that day will eventually come.  For now, I am content to love Kiss and Dexter.  Check out their pages for more information.

Cosmo's Page

Kiss's Page

Dexter's Page

This picture is of Kiss and Cosmo.  Kiss is on the left.  Cosmo is on the right.

Cosmo died tragically on October 5th, 2001.  He had just turned a year old on September 15th.
He was a wonderful companion and I miss him dearly.

Kiss and Dexter.  Kiss is on the left.  Dexter is on the right.

All of my dogs are from Lazy Hearts Kennel in Glendive, Montana.  They are the best companion and hunting dogs.  Please check out the link.

Another good place to look for a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is the GSP Directory.  All of the dogs there are rescues and some have very little time to find a home!

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