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Sacrifice - By Willowluv

Torch Song - By Willowluv

I Still Dance - By Spheres of Nightmares

5 x 5 (a chant) - By Willowluv

Poetry and Fanfiction - By Miss_UK
(outside link to Blood is NOT Enough)

Please Note: This is a new section for this site and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, which I can pass on to the relevant Authors and Poets. 

I have absolutely no guidelines for submissions.  Although this site is predominantly based around BtVS and Ats, your work does not need to specifically encompass these shows.

Having said that, I reserve the right to refuse display of any piece I feel is completely distasteful, but knowing me, it'll never happen - lol. 

I should also mention that any work submitted to me, will be posted as is, unless specifically requested otherwise  Miss_UK