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La Folle et La Sadique Homepage !!

Hi everybody !! We know this page is still under high construction but we're doing our best to build this page as fast as possible !!
Lemme explain you what will be on : we don't know everything but it will be about music. Fans of U2, Hole, Garbage, TLC, Offspring, Placebo, Cake and many many others you'll find here your pleasure !! Addicts to Blur, we're supporting the good site MagicBlur (see the Toonzbook

Then, we're writing our own lyrics and songs. We will put them here and you're highly recommendated to do every comment by contacting us (way named below). We're planning on recording them and we're searching for a BASS PLAYER so if you got the same influences than us and if you think you're good enough to put you and your bass guitar into a studio, e-mail me or Marie  (the other webmaster, also known as La Sadique !)
A friend and me are writing some poems, texts and stories. We are both forming a litterature group named "Entre Deux Mondes" [Between Two Worlds]. If you want to take part in thisadventure,sendyour writings  to Eliseorme

We will also put a link about La Folle et La Sadique Fans. It's simple to be here :
First way : if you like painting, drawing, writing send your art with your name, age, placeand e-mail adress. An award will be given every month !
Second way : picture yourself and/or your friends in the funniest ways your imagination can give. Make us laugh and you'll have your full picture in "picture of the month" on the enter page ! Both things have to be send to Marie or me .

This page is dedicated to FUN. Say how you feel by signing our Guestbook (you can also view it). For a little more fun sign our Toonzbook and for crazy people try our Slambook !! For leaving any messages, comment and meeting people check our Message Board.
La Folle or La Sadique for any comments or suggestions.