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Jim and Betty
Just for fun...we love country music!!

Alas......those who have known me before may see a difference on this page. I have been happily married lady again for almost 9 years now!!!!

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Jim and I. July 1, 2000 I married a man that most women would die for.....he spoils me rotten and even my Mom loves him so ya know he's gotta be a good'n. I now belong to the Jackson family. Here's a look at my family... Me (a rabbit wrangler, chicken choker and Llama lover). I have 2 sons...Eric is 31 and is a double Microsoft Certified Computer Networker and Technician with a 4.0 GPA now working for Norwest Inventories out of Calgary Mark 30 and working as a high performance Consultant for "MOPAC" a high performance parts outlet in Calgary ...Both live in Calgary now and I miss them lots!!! .

We live in the interior of British Columbia in God's country and have recently moved to a 3.7 acre hobby farm in the heart of Cariboo Country , Quesnel.
We have set up home and a small Ranch we call "The Lucky J Ranch". We met on an online dating service and basically and as corny as it sounds.....Love at first bite...sorry sight!!!! We married on July 1st, 2000. He spoils me rotten and my Mom got one just like him. A very caring and loving man that I will spend the rest of my life with. I also have gained two wonderful step young adults. There is loving Lisa 31,and our new son-in-law to be Ian. We became proud Grandparents for the first time January 29,2002! Ethan Edmund James Kelly now for grandchild #2 born March 23rd, 2003 Danica Elizabeth Lynne Kelly.....As proud grandparents we have pictures galore and as soon as I can add them I will.......promise!!!The news that they are moving out to Thunder bay saddens me but I will see them often thanks to the computer age and video! Then there is Michael 29 and his new bride Allison They married July 19,2008 and have announced that in October they will blessing us with yet another grandbaby. They are still in Kelowna with the rest of my family. A great sister-in-law Sandra that just moved to Williams Lake and got MARRIED October 30,2004 to this great new brother-in-law Doug. Mom and Dad Jackson (aka Bill and Alice) lived in Williams Lake as well now in a Seniors Willage and are only an hour south for us and get to see them more often..

We sadly lost our beloved Rocky..a black lab that we acquired on a visit to the SPCA 14 years ago and Bear..who grew to an 11 year old German Shepard that weighed about 120 lbs. Rocky could hear a pin drop a mile away and lets you know it with an ear piercing bark and Bear figured if he sat in front of the door then the intruder couldn't get in....They were quite the protective pair. They will both be missed and never forgotten.

I brought home this stray cat from know the story......skinny , hungry and PREGNANT!!!!!!! WEll "Susie" dropped a litter of 9 in our laps and we found great homes for all. Then an ad appeared in the paper "Free to a good Home"......and so being the farmer deep inside...what mini farm is complete without a miniature goat !!!!! Sadly after 10 great and fun filled years with us, she too has gone to the farm in the sky this year.

And we have added another mini, Tonka, our Stallion!!! all 31 inches of this mini steed. Then the question as to "How do you get a Llama home in a mini van? WEll Diesel shows us how and are new flock protector unfolded his legs and hopped out of the back to freedom.

We have also started an egg farm...We started with chickens so there goes the question to which came first. 52 chickens now and we are adding 100 more in March....scrambled anyone?

The arrival of a Standardbred "Macho" completes this blissful new home! A gift from my Aunt Annie and Uncle Ron, Macho is a 19 year old retired Pacer. He has served well and now has worn a saddle for the first time with no major excitement. Well that was until the beginning of September 2000 when I took a short distance, high speed tumble face first into a gopher pile from saddle height!!!!! Talk about saddle sore. The Free column has since been cut from every paper that ever reaches my doorstep(Thank God for the online papers and internet!)....Wonder Why?

When Jim said "I will" I don't think it meant I will build a barn and then enlarge it and I will pound in fence posts...but then again....he never asked.....ROFLMAO .....

Next on the list was a rabbitry which was planned out in a dream and has now become a reality. The Lucky J Rabbitry is in full running order with approximately 30 rabbits give or take a few......We are breeding and showing Netherland Dwarfs in colors like Siamese Sable, Sable Points, Himi's, Chestnuts, and Ruby Eyed Whites !!

Rocky, my watchdog and Bear, my guarddog

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