Because our class should be a learning community, we will practice five agreements.  Each agreement will be explained, modeled, and discussed as needed.   When students keep the agreements, they are rewarded.  Daily, weekly, and monthly rewards will be given.  In case students do not keep the agreements, they will have consequences based on the number of sticks in his/her behavior pocket.

Our Agreements
We will always do our best.
We will use kind words, not put others down.
We will give everyone mutual respect.
We will actively listen.
We will walk quietly from place to place.

Behavior folders will be sent home on every Friday.  They are to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school on the following Monday. 


Behavior Policy
Daily: A sticker in the behavior folder and a prize from the basket (pencils, bookmarks, candy, small toys, erasers, etc).
Weekly: 5 stickers in the behavior folder-certificate for good behavior, poster hung in the hallway, Star of the Week.
Monthly: 20 stickers in the behavior folder-prize from the Treasure Chest and lunch with the teacher in the classroom.
Consequences are given daily based on the number of stickers in the student's behavior pocket.
1 stick: no sticker, no prize
2 sticks: no sticker, no prize, must walk the track for 5 minutes of recess
3 sticks: no sticker, no prize, must walk the track for 10 minutes of recess and note home to parents
4 sticks:  no sticker, no prize, must walk the track for all of recess period and conference scheduled with parents

If a student becomes more disruptive than four sticks, he/she may be referred to the office or a parent may be called to help resolve the situation.  Certain incidents, as noted in the Student Handbook, will be referred to the office immediately.