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Combustible Edison


Hi. My name is *still* Miss Daphne Q. Appleby.

This site contains some stuff you can't find anywhere else -believe me, I've checked - I wanted it myself, and since I couldn't find it, I made the site. Things like Combustible Edison pictures, lyrics, links, a discography, and a little history...at least until Sub Pop finds out about it...but I've met them, and I think that Miss Lily and the Millionaire would be pleasantly surprised...

...especially since the official Sub Pop site is THREE YEARS OUT OF DATE! (Now four years - Daphne.)

Here you go...! Check out the newly updated "stuff" section; in it, I've collected Combustible Edison miscellany from all over the Web.

and stuff! NEW - CE PURITY TEST!

I would like to thank everyone that's visited here before and written me: I do appreciate it, and I reply to every email...so...the obligatory request...

please please please email me! I'd love to know that someone's visited...if that someone is you. I'm at kallisti00005@hotmail.com, and I promise I'll reply!

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Lounge around a bit, let me know what you think, and keep swinging!

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