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The Romance of Ranma and 
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Ranma 1/2 Episodes by Bing

Welcome to the page of my favorite episodes of Ranma and Akane. I decided to rank them based on the collection of Ranma 1/2 anime series that I have (6 OAV episdoes, the first two seasons, and two movies). Now remember, this is just my opinion, and the point of it all is that I would like to share it with you.

Starting with number....

15. Akane's Lost Love...These Things Happen, You Know
When Akane found out that Dr. Tofu was in love with Kasumi, she was crushed! Then Ranma tried to cheer her up. After he made that nice comment about her smile, that's when I knew that there was HOPE for these two!

14. True Confessions! A Girl's Hair Is Her Life!
Boo-hoo! Akane's hair got cut! Lucky for Ryouga, he's cute so I'll let him slide. And it's not that I don't like Akane with her present hairdo, she just looks better with long hair. But Ranma did admit that she was cute. ^_^ Oh, WAFF!

13. The Abduction of P-chan!
Who would have thought that Ranma and akane would go out and battle the Golden Pair, Mikado Sanzenin and Azusa Shiratori over...P-chan? A very amusing episode that kept me smilling the whole time. Except that I was horrified after Mikado kissed Ranma-chan. Who wouldn't be? He was so humiliated that he got kissed...and in front of Akane of all people. Poor thing.

Just go win that ramen... It's all about food...

12. It's Fast or It's Free! The Martial Arts Take-Out Race!
When I first saw this episode, I was pretty excited to see Akane competing to keep her status as Ranma's fiancee (and for a year supply of ramen, I might add.) Kaori, another girl who claims to be Ranma's fiancee, indicated that Akane protested a bit too much about Ranma. Ain't she smart!

Watch out, Ranma!  You better eat them cookies! 11. It's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain
This was one episode that kept me laughing from the beginning to the end! Leave it to Kodachi for keeping me entertained and not to mention those shocking photos she has of Ranma! Yet the ending was sweet when Ranma actually ate Akane's cookies even if he knew they's make him sick.

Shampoo Strikes!
10. Danger at the Tendo Dojo
"Never gonna be a girl again!" Well, at least that's what Ranma thinks! Shampoo actually offered him a packet of Nannichuan, but first he'll have to go on a date with her. Yet on that same day, Ranma and Akane have to defend the dojo! Good episode! I liked the way how Ranma and Akane teamed up and used their technique (all the while they're arguing...sheesh!) and defeat the enemy!

9. I Love You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Good-bye!
Shampoo used her Shiatsu Technique to make Akane forget Ranma. Of course, she remembered him again, thanks to his rather unusual technique. The episode was touching and hilarious at the same time.

And it's a tie!
8. Ranma Vs. Mousse! To Lose is to Win!
A desperate Ranma races to keep Mousse from turning Akane into a duck. And when he thought it was too late, he was so devastated that he actually cried. It shows how vulnerable he is when it comes to Akane.

8. Tendo Family Christmas Scramble
The ending has WAFF written all over it! Akane made Ranma a scarf while he gave her a frame. I think they would've kissed ere if they didn't crash down through the roof.

But...wait! They do get to kiss!
7. You Really Do Hate Cats!
Ranma has got a real phobia for cats and when he reaches his peak, he goes nuts to the point where he's thinking that he is a cat! Amazingly, it was Akane who was able to "tame" him. To add a little twist, while in his Neko-phobia state, Ranma actually kisses her! Hm! Looks like those feelings he tried to hide managed to creep their way up to the surface.

Sigh!  What a kiss! 6. Kissing is such Sweet Sorrow! The Taking of Akane's Lips
Yeehaa! Ranma and Akane kissed, and this time Ranma was aware of it. Too bad she put a tape on him though. Then again, that would end all episdoes now, wouldn't it?

Yes, I even included the movies.
5. Nihao! My Concubine!
What a cool movie! I loved this one! Ranma actaully gave up his cure to become a full man to save Akane. It showed just how much he cared for her and her well-being. Then she told him that Akane liked him just the way he is. Awww! Ain't that sweet?

4. Big Trouble in Nekonron, China
An adventure! Kirin abducted Akane so they can marry. Of course, there's no way Ranma was about to give her up so easily, and he showed Kirin that he is definitely "worthy of her love."

We're almost there! Still with me?
3. The Two Akanes. Ranma, Look at Me!
Whaaat? Akane trying to seduce Ranma? Oh, that's just the vengeful spirit doll who took over Akane's body. I knew it was too goood to be true. One of the reasons I love this OAV episode is the effort she made to go save Ranma to keep him from being killed.

Check out these two! They're about to kick some butt! 2. Close Call! The Dance of Death on Ice!
I thought this episode was absolutely terrific! I loved how they worked together here. Then Ranma got pretty ticked off after Mikado tried to kiss Akane. Big mistake, pal. Ranma issued you your death warrant. NUMBER ONE favorite episode of Ranma and Akane!

An Akane to Remember

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Too bad I don't have a picture. Oh well.This is a must-see for all Ranma and Akane fans! They have the best scenes, best action, and the best quotes! (See my quotes page if you have to!) And this just wasn't another episode where Ranma goes off and rescues Akane...blah, blah. This time the two of them came through for one another to a point where they were ready to sacrifice their lives for another. So there were strong points for both of them here. And if you haven't heard of this OAV, I recommens that you buy this! I swear that you'll definitely get your money's worth!


Well, that's the end of the countdown. I'm always hunting high and low for Ranma and Akane episodes so that means that this list could change. If you guys have any recommendations for me, please let me know. I would absolutely appreciate it.


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