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The Romance of Ranma and 
Caption This

Some of you already know or have played this game. This is a game where we post up a screen capture, and you, the visitors, submit what you think the character is saying or what he/she SHOULD say. There are three separate versions of this game. The title of these games will be followed by descriptions of it.

These games WILL have winners. However, we will still acknowledge the people that participated.

The first game can have multiple winners.
The second and third game will have one winner. And that will be the one we like best.

No other anime site has this game!! At least none that we've been to...but still! A trend of "Caption This" games will start..other anime sites will have them...but we'll be the ones that started it. Yay!


What Are You Saying?
We post up a screen capture, and you will have to guess what the character is saying at the moment. If the entry isn't EXACTLY like our answers but very similar, we'll still accept it since some people watched subtitled and some people watch dubbed. If you can get this, it'll prove what a big Ranma 1/2 fan you are!

Say What?
Unlike the first game, you don't tell us what the character is really saying in that scene. Submit a funny caption for any character in the screen capture. It's best if you make it funny. ^_^

What Are You Thinking?
This title is similar to the first game, but the way this game works is more similar to the second game. Instead of guessing what the character is saying, you have to guess what the character is THINKING. And we will pick the character for you. So if we pick Genma as the character, please don't submit us something that Ranma would be thinking.


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